Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finished - at last you cry

Yep, can you believe it? I have finally finished the many times afore mentioned pyjamas. Can I just say I love them. I am rather proud of how they have turned out and I learned new skills too which is always a bonus like the bound hems. I had never bound anything before and I love how they have turned out.

Sophie was not thrilled to say the least about modeling today so sorry for the funny face and lack of smiles.

Bound hems

However I am assured that they are good for dancing in. Great to know! Again photos were taken with my phone, without a flash and in my dark lounge room as it is raining cats and dogs outside.

Dancing but trying to avoid Liv's finished puzzle

Sophie, who has been my size model as she is a bit bigger than Lilia, each time she has put them on has said, "mummy my jamas?" and each time I tell her, "no baby they are for your cousin Lilia". Each time she asks for some of her own so we shall see. I do have lots of cool flannel in my box so I think her and big sister Miss O will get their own set of new 'jamas.' Dinosaur flannel is already in the cupboard waiting for Christmas to roll around so I can make new 'jamas' for Isaac. I think Noah will still be a little small for them. What do you think of them?

Also this is how the Popover Dress is coming along.

Front and back yokes - Prints Charming fabric
Yokes on, sides sewn together but still inside out.

Again such an easy make. The patterns from oliver + s are so easy to follow and come together quickly. I really enjoy a project that gets sewn together quickly as I have a terrible habit of wanting to finish something pretty much as soon as I start it. Then, I sew until I am too tired and do silly things like picking holes in pyjama tops like I did in my last post. A bit of a problem I know and something I have to work on. Anyone else do that or is it just me?

I found some pictures of some things that I had made on my phone so I thought I would also share these things that I made for Christmas last year that I was really quite proud of. Hope you like them too.

Summer Shorts

Piglet modeling - Boys cap

Shorts and Leila and Ben Cap Pattern

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