Friday, June 17, 2011

Thank you, Hello

Thank you all for the lovely comments about the pillow/cushion, it certainly made my day getting beeps on my phone with all the lovely comments.

I started this little blog as a type of journal and seeing as I am quite a visual, touchy person this medium seems to be so much easier for me to keep track rather than just writing in a book. I linked at another site to show off a bit (is it ok to admit that? I hope so) and suddenly, wow, lots more people all over the world reading my blog, and enjoying it, and liking the things that I have been making. It is incredible to me that this can happen and so I wanted to say "hi", and a big welcome to See Sam Sew, and thank you for the comments and support and if you see something that I make that inspires you to have a go at trying something new then fantastic, and that makes me happy too.

I again procrastinated cleaning up my lounge room and doing the ironing yesterday, and made a trip to one of my totally favourite places in Sydney, Country Pickin's at the Corner, which is at Dural, Sydney. I love this shop and the fantastic ladies there who happily let me walk around and touch all the incedible fabric and slowly move up and down the aisles for ages without hassling me except to say hello and chat. I'm not wierd, (well I don't think I am but others may disagree) I just love the colours, and feel of the fabric. I had a voucher to spend and I felt like spending it. This is what I treated myself too.

It is a beautiful book and even though I have no plans to start screen printing my own fabric I am still excited to make some of the lovely projects like the apron, picnic blanket, boys quilts, girls covered books and even the girls kimono dressing gown. Fabulous inspiration inside.

The cleaning can always wait until tomorrow right?

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