Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Things

I was pinning on Pinterest the other night and found some great quotes and little thoughts that really touched me and made me think. They were not so much quotes but just 'nice, good' thoughts that made wonder and want to see more. These 2 thoughts had a number in the top left hand corner and it was in the 300's and so I thought well there has to be more right? So I clicked on the link to the original source and wow, I love this little blog, is it really a blog? I'm not sure but I love it, l.o.v.e it!.

The site is called 'just little things' and it seems to be a site where the author puts up a little colour rectangle with some words in it for a day or so. The words are things that she appreciates or should appreciate more. It is linked here

There are so many thoughts here that made me smile and brightened my day (not that it was bad by any stretch of the imagination) I had the thought umm yes that is wonderful, oh that happened to me just the other day, or I think that too.

I hope you like it too. Which ones did I originally pin? well they are 322. Being called beautiful and 336. Finding out someone likes you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Following patterns

I am always so awe inspired when I read of people who can create without the use of a pattern, just draping material over a model or even just picturing a finished item in their mind then making it is astonishing to me and what a talent. Also, obviously, the people who write the patterns that we all use in the first place do this and I am often without words as to how amazing I think this is.

So after feeling like the above why do I then think that I don't need to follow a pattern when I am making something and just do what I do? I do not have the ability and or talent to just 'whip' something up and then I wonder why it hasn't worked out as well as last time I used the pattern? Duh, the answer is of course because I didn't follow the pattern!

This is not the first time that this has happened and when contemplating the reasons behind this last night in bed I came to the understanding that I am impatient when making things and want the project to be finished as soon as possible, why? so that I can sit back feel a little chuffed with myself and perhaps a little smug about how clever I am and what a wonderful job I did.

Last night in my mad rush to finish making Edward elephant I did not mark on the main body 2 spots that were on the pattern. I just 'guesstimated' where they were (as this is my 3rd elephant and I don't need the pattern right) and now as I look at flat Edward before he is stuffed there is something a little off. There is a funny pouchy thing underneath his tummy and after contemplating why this happened it is because I didn't mark the spots to sew too, sewed too far down his legs, and didn't leave enough seam for his colourful, cool, tummy to be attached to. What a huge dill.

So with a pout and a little cursing of my own stupidity I will unpick that seam and all other connecting seams and redo his side and tummy thus removing strange pouchy pocket and making him ready to be sold this evening at my usual Friday night craft night. I will show you pictures of the non pouchy finished Edward tomorrow.

Oh and in case you were worried, yes I have learned my lesson and yes I will remember in future to mark all spots, darts etc on patterns, they are on there for a reason right?!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Have you found it yet?

I am talking about
I love it, love love LOVE it and um yes will admit to spending maybe more than just a little time on this site.
This post and the whole Pinterest site should come with an addiction disclaimer warning everyone that they may spend an inordinate amount of time perusing beautiful, fun, cute, inspiring pictures that are out there in the world wide web. So be warned ok.

The site is a way to collect, collate virtual boards, with recipes, ideas, style, books to read, places to go anything you want, you make your own boards. I still would like a small board for my sewing area as I am a very touchy, visual person and I like to see and touch fabric before I buy and when deciding what to do with the said fabric. I think this is why I have not really jumped into the whole buying fabric on line, however a virtual world is still very very cool.

Any way I thought I would share a few of my favourite pictures that I have pinned to my virtual inspiration boards, seeing as this is my 'journal' of sorts this is a way to state that on this day in 2011 these are the sorts of things that I am liking and I feel are my thing.

I seem to be technically challenged and I can not load the pictures other than one below, any ideas anyone? I would love some help if it is out there.

If you do join up have fun and you can find me here.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New addition to the family

No I am not pregnant for those that thought that was going to be my announcement, honestly, family members, I would tell you in person before just putting it on the web.

Now that that is out of the way the new addition to the family, my new car, a 2006 Holden Astra in dark grey. Here she is.

I am absolutely loving the smooth drive (the old car often had me say 'come on car you can make it' to it in the morning as I wasn't sure if it was going to change gear or make it up the road), central locking, electric windows and a great stereo. Todd even took my car to run to the shops. He has NEVER done that before out of choice, mind you, you can't blame him.

However, with buying these new wheels for the girls and I to get around in it meant selling the much loved little Hyundai Excel 1999 model with 3 doors, that I have had since I learned to drive 10 years or so ago, before the girls were even born.

Todd had it cleaned and polished and it looked great, didn't it?, and decided to pop it on the web on at lunchtime on Sat and by 5pm someone had been to see it, gave us some cash as a holding deposit and came back on Sunday morning with the remainder of the money and took the car away.

It all happened unbelievably fast, of which we are so grateful for, as the registration and CTP were due next month on it and being honest there were some little 'quirks' shall we say, that we didn't want to have to pay to get fixed. Sophie called it my 'broken car' once I had bought the Astra.  It is the only mummy car that they have known and Olivia has taken the sale of it not too well. I was a bit sad to say goodbye to my little mobile that has served me well, but, this morning Sophie asked if we were going to school in the broken car and Liv told her that it had gone to live with a new family now and promptly burst into tears. Bless her heart. She is so sensative and gets so emotionally attached to things. When I clear out the girls room I have to do it when she is not around otherwise I can't throw any thing away. Hoarding tendancies - eeekk.

Todd took the money to the bank this morning to pay some bills which is fantastic, and then we can move on with the new car - that does have a few 'dings' and 'marks' on it but it has low km's and the engine is great apparently. Once some new memories have been made, like hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa over the summer and travelling in the new car, all will be ok with everyone, especially Olivia.

Grandma and Grandpa we can't wait for you to arrive, and you too Robs a little later. We are counting down the weeks.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Time to meet Ellie

Here she is, the finally finished Ellie Elephant. I made Elouise earlier this year blogged about here and I think Ellie may even be a little more gorgeous than Elouise.

I finally chose the correct blue for the eyes and embroidered away and now she is complete. I must say I love her.

Now on to a brother for Ellie, these are the fabrics chosen for Edward Elephant. He is going to be a lovely beige pin cord and his ears and tummy will be this fun blue and orange check, very boy, very cool. I am really looking forward to seeing what he turns out like.

The weekend ran away with me, was it busy for you too? On Friday I was busy busy helping clean a friends house as she and her family had to move out of their rented house at really short notice, and then on Saturday morning it was a ward service project at a local school to help them tidy up and mulch all their gardens. It will look fantastic, there were many willing hands to help and so made the going easier, it was wonderful to see wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow being loaded with mulch ready to cover weed free beds. The evening was a little get together at the Campbells and then Sunday was church and a baptism of a wonderful 8 yr old called Emerson. He is in Olivia's primary class and his parents are friends of ours too. It was a lovely service and if you want to know about baptism and why we do it at age 8 for our children go here.

All these things going on meant not much craft/sewing for me, well actually none, and so I am going to have a tv free evening tonight once both the girls are in bed, and get a move on with all the things that I have planned. Naturally I will share all when I am done :).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have been busy

Yes I have, I have been busy, busy doing what you ask? Sewing, yeh!

I have finished a wrap/blanket to match the boy taggy ball that I made the other week and a new girl taggy ball and last night I made this little beauty.

This as yet unnamed elephant went together really quite quickly last night and so I need to get some stuffing today to fill her up and make her nice and chubby and then sew on the ears, tail and eyes. Even though she is blue I think the pattern is still sufficiently girly and not all girls like pink right? or is that not all mummy's like pink? hehe.

So she is a lovely little blue and white cotton that I got at Spotlight last summer and her tummy and ears are some more of the blue minkee that mum gave me, thanks mum, and there is still some left, it just seems to keep on going, never to run out.

The wrap that I finished, just so you know, is the same white and blue flannel with stripes and stars as the ball and then on the other side a very cute interlock with little animal friends on in a beige. I think it works. I hope someone else does too. Cute Christmas present for someone perhaps?

Here is the girl ball that I finished too. I love the bright colours and I went a bit overboard with the ribbon tags, I do love it though.

I am excited about all my sewing plans and yesterday got a message from my sister Kathryn about perhaps making gorgeous Isaac a drawstring bag for his dinosaurs to live in. Would totally love too. Now to find the best material. Hmmm. I think a strong cotton drill may be the best with some fun lining.

A make up day at pre-school for Sophie yesterday meant that I could head off to get stuffing and thread to embroider the elephants ears and eyes. Of course I will share pictures when I am finished. It is looking great so far.

It is a beautiful day in Sydney today. I hope it is for you too.

p.s You will find me linking here today.