Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Things

I was pinning on Pinterest the other night and found some great quotes and little thoughts that really touched me and made me think. They were not so much quotes but just 'nice, good' thoughts that made wonder and want to see more. These 2 thoughts had a number in the top left hand corner and it was in the 300's and so I thought well there has to be more right? So I clicked on the link to the original source and wow, I love this little blog, is it really a blog? I'm not sure but I love it, l.o.v.e it!.

The site is called 'just little things' and it seems to be a site where the author puts up a little colour rectangle with some words in it for a day or so. The words are things that she appreciates or should appreciate more. It is linked here

There are so many thoughts here that made me smile and brightened my day (not that it was bad by any stretch of the imagination) I had the thought umm yes that is wonderful, oh that happened to me just the other day, or I think that too.

I hope you like it too. Which ones did I originally pin? well they are 322. Being called beautiful and 336. Finding out someone likes you.

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