Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do you Shazam?

Do you Shazam? Do you know what it is? If you don't then I will fill you in. It is the most awesome app, that when you tap it, it 'listens' to the music that is playing and will then tell you the title of the song and the artist singing it. How totally cool is that? ! Yep, very, I know.

As you may or may not be aware I am involved in the youth program in my church, which is a program that is for girls and boys aged 12-17 where they have their own Sunday school lessons, separate lessons for the girls and boys and separate and joint activities. Naturally the kids want to dance and so such activities are put on and last weekend it was the turn of Baulkham Hills (my area) to 'host' a dance. This means being in charge of decorations, a theme if you want one, food and advertising the event. I am really sad to say that I didn't get any pictures of the whole thing but the kids did a great job. Wednesday eve we spent a couple of hours putting up decorations including a spiders web of streamers across the hall to give a feeling of a lower ceiling, top hats strung up, paper hats on fishing wire across the room, painting pictures of different types of hats, balloons and the food and drink in the hall area. There was lots of dancing, more kids than normal there, groans when it was time to end, and even this old leader got up and had a groove when Arrested Development and Montell Jordan were played. 1992-1995 tunes were just brilliant.

What has all this got to do with Shazam you ask. Well, Friday night was the dance and being 'old' and not having a working radio in my car, there were loads of songs that were played that I didn't know what they were and who they were by. I Shazamed a lot through out the evening downloaded the songs off itunes and now I have a new playlist! Totally awesome.    

So download Shazaam, for free, you get about 5 tags a month for free and get yourself a new playlist. Brilliant.

Friday, March 23, 2012


On the 22nd March 1997 two people were married first at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in Norwich, Norfolk, England,

After a brief reception at Dunston Hall,they zoomed down the motorway with close loved ones to the temple, where they were married for time and eternity.

They looked like this on that cold, bright March morning in England.

Now, 15 yrs on they look more like this, even though this picture is a little old now.

Plus there have been 2 of the most incredible additions to this little family and they look like this now.

Today, after 15 years of marriage I wanted to make it known how lucky I am to love and be loved back. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

And finally Away

Tuesday was the designated day when finally all post to my sisters and parents would be sent. So 3 big parcels were put together and addressed and taken to the Post Office. Thank goodness Mum and Dad and Robyn were here at Christmas so I didn't have to post. I had forgotten how expensive it is. Sheesh.

Mum and Dad got back the 2 t-shirts that Dad left here all ironed, temple cards and birthday and Mothers Day cards.

Jemma and Jay got a little parcel with Noah's birthday present and card in. I know it is late but gosh I hope he loves his train caddy.

Kathryn and Adam got a parcel with Dilly the Dinosaur activity books in and a Martian Shapes book, plus Issac's dinosaur drawstring bag and my very lovely blue and white elephant which Kathryn is giving to her friend as a baby gift.

Everyone I hope you love the stuff in your parcels and they make you smile even a little.

I love you all.

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

It is lovely Noah's first birthday and I had decided to make him something for his big day. I heard via the grapevine, ok, Mum, that he was getting some Chuggington trains for his birthday and so an idea started to form. 

Have you seem this awesome car caddy tutorial at homemade by jill

I totally love it and have had it bookmarked for soooo long waiting to make it. So with Noah's big day approaching I thought why not? I headed off to Spotlight with my list in hand (oh I have to add a child free trip, it wouldn't have been fun with little ones wanting to leave whilst I was choosing fabric) and wandered around gathering my supplies. 

I had it in my mind that I would use the basis of the tutorial but tweak it and make a train caddy. Less pockets, but bigger ones, train tracks instead of a road and of course a chugging train on the front and not a car, and amazingly the picture in my mind came to fruition.

The pictures show the finished specimen.

As you can see I chose a black denim, and grey cotton drill for the main inside colour. The tracks are the softest wool blend felt (not cheap but feels so nice) and the actual tracks are a black satinish piping I think. I found it on a huge reel in the trims section when looking for the white piping for the edging. When I saw it I immediately thought tracks and then I cut it to size and hand sewed the pieces on. The tracks are a little wonky but I hope Noah won't mind. 

On the front I found a simple picture of a train from a children's colouring page and cut it out in felt. I used Wonder Under to attach the felt to the denim but it did not work! No sticking at all. So I appliqued around the wheels and steam clouds which actually gave it really nice texture and then just hand sewed a couple of stiches on corners to hold the body of the train down. 

I also found black belting and velcro as I wanted it to just blend into the denim and I think I achieved that in the end.

I am happy with it and learned new things along the way, which is always a bonus I think, but find it so frustrating along the way when I have to go back and unpick, which more than often is down to me and my rush to finish and perhaps not understanding the instructions properly.

What did I learn? Well I had never used piping before on the edges of something, and when the tutorial suggests that you attach the velcro before the end of everything LISTEN. Hand stitching through that and denim was a killer. As per the tutorial I did attempt to paint on the denim using acrylic paint and stensils but they bled terribly and looked dreadful so whilst it was still wet I managed to wash the paint off and had to leave if for a day or so to dry. Then using felt cut out the numbers and hot glued them on. Phew it turned out ok. 

So is another car caddy on the drawing board? Totally! Watch out Issac a home for Lightening McQueen will be on his way to you very shortly.

Not forgotten

I haven't forgotten you my little blog in fact I think about you a lot but it almost feels like I have fallen out of the habit of writing on you. 

Perhaps I have and so a new resolve to fill you in on my little world, or some of it at least.

A 'custom order' was placed for some nappy pants in varying sizes and colours so I got down to business and made them, and guess what? I forgot to take any photos and I have to say they did look super. My favourite ones were the little 3-6 month size in yellow seersucker, just gorgeous.

I was feeling a little out ok understatement, a lot, out of control with regards to my eating habits and so I decided to challenge myself and see if I could go without chocolate for 40 days, it just so happens lent is on now so... So far I am at day 23 and all is well. There has only been 1 day when I was really wrestling with myself as to wanting some but I feel good and in control. Sadly no weight has been lost, so I am already considering my next options for a 'do without' period and see how I feel. Sugar/desserts/cakes etc are high on the list as is bread. Hmmm decisions decisions.

I will let you know what I do and how I go.

Olivia has been ill a bit lately first with head cold/ flu symptoms and right now is on a course of antibiotics for a strep throat infection. Todd has been giving her drinks of juice/cordial/squash what ever you call it, with a vitamin C powder supplement in it, unbeknown to her, with the hope that she can feel better and her little body can fight off these germs a bit more. She has never eaten much fruit and I do worry about her getting sick because of it. So fingers crossed this works in the short term.

Last night was our ward New Beginnings Evening. We decided to have it in the garden at the Presidents home, under a gazebo and crossed our fingers and toes that the weather would hold as it has been so horrendous lately. It was lovely. We decorated with fairy lights, bunting made in the colours of the values and little lanterns that hang from fishing wire with a tea light candle in them and when it gets dark they look like they are floating. It was really pretty, and then just a few nibbles for supper and gorgeous girls to spend the time with. A lovely evening.