Friday, October 28, 2011

I knew this would happen

Earlier in the year I thought that perhaps I would make some wraps, balls, elephants and bibs to perhaps try and sell in an etsy shop or something and I had the end of November as a cut off date to get it all done. November is rapidly approaching and I haven't completed half of what I wanted to complete. I need to get a move on don't I? plus Sophie's birthday and promised party is around 15th November which will distract me for a few days too. I knew it would happen. I knew I would leave things to the last minute and then have some late nights. Serves me right for not plodding along at a steady pace.

Other fabulous news is that I was given this fantastic material as a gift. What a lucky girl I am. They are all cotton interlock/knit material which I love to use as a backing for flannel or minkie for wraps. I really like the warm soft side and then having a more light weight summer side to them. My favourite is the little birds one. It is an incredibly soft knit material and I know Olivia was looking at it. I think she will have to miss out this time. Which is your favourite?

I made a blanket/wrap earlier in the year for my nephew Noah, which I blogged about here and Jemma (my sister) used it in his bed over the summer when heavier bedding was no longer required, and in his pram. They do live in England so a warmish blanket/wrap is still required at night there at times, even in summer time.

I can not wait to get to these gorgeous materials and make them up. 

It is craft night tonight and come hell or high water Edward elephant is getting finished. He has been hanging around unfinished for too long now and I want it done. Then I have 3 elephants ready to be sold. Gosh I hope they sell, fingers crossed.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is it true? Yes, Olivia is 8!

As promised here are some pictures of the big day which was Saturday 22nd October. Olivia opened her presents and then had her usual jazz class in the morning and then her party in the afternoon. We invited 7 school friends to go ice skating and then come back to our house for party games and food/cake. She had so much fun. It was noisy, full of laughter and girls screaming, dancing, playing musical statues, pass the parcel and eating and drinking tonnes. In other words lots of fun. 

Enjoy some of the pictures.

How did this happen already? I am still in shock that my beautiful, sensitive, crafty, freckled girl has turned 8. Time seems to have flown by, and I know that we can't stand still, but surely it can slow just a little more. Before my very eyes she is growing and developing into an incredible person of whom I am so proud, and I am not quite ready for her to be all grown up. I know it is my issue, but really where did my oh so long awaited little girl go? It honestly seems like yesterday I was on my way to the Mater hospital in Nth Sydney to finally deliver and meet her.

Happy Birthday my beautiful Olivia. I am so lucky to be your mummy.

Party Preparations

It has been party preparation central here this past week. Everyday it seemed that my to do list would have a few things removed from it but would have that many, plus a few more added on to it. Food to be bought, presents bought and wrapped, decorations bought as the planned making of bunting and tablecloth just did not eventuate, party bags made, stuff for party bags and presents for pass the parcel etc bought, ice skating picture laminated for game, plus the usual stuff like dinners, school runs, Youth night on Wed, cuddles with Sophie, washing etc etc.

I have to be honest here in that dinners, washing of clothes, tidying up bedrooms, writing blog posts, all kind of went by the wayside and I am still catching up.

In addition to this I added having my hair cut and coloured one morning and having a YW presidency mtg the next. Talk about busy.

So I thought I would share a few pictures of the preparations, including helium balloon purchases on Saturday morning after dancing classes and the table/party area looking good.

Next was the cake. I bought a packet chocolate cake mix for the left ring and the right one is our favourite choc chip cake that I made.

Light covering of choc icing

Then I sewed these party bags from my collection of cottons that I had on hand. The bags are lined with the material that is at the top of the bag so are great to keep and pop little treasures in. This did take quite a bit of time but by the end I could do a bag from start to finish in about 20 mins when on a roll. I just bought some cream satin ribbon to use on all of them as the handle. I am not a huge fan of bags full of sweets going home so we filled them with rubbers, pencils, sharpeners and a little pencil case with a couple of freddo frogs thrown in. I hope the girls like them. Olivia loved them and was very proud to hand them out at the end of the party and that is the most important thing of all.

Party bags
Filled with loot to take home

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sewing and Farewells

So very sadly the time for Madi to leave our little Young Women's group and return with her family to the US had come and so we as leaders and the other girls organised a farewell party for her the day before she flew out of Australia. Emotions were high but we were determined to have fun together as a group before the sadness was too much to bare. 

Miss Madi, the guest of honour, loves cup cakes, so the theme of the party was naturally all things that Madi liked so I made a pin the cherry on the cup cake blindfold game, other games we played were pass the parcel, cup cake memory game and questionnaire about things Madi loves.

As one of the going away presents I had an adorable printed koala pattern that just had to be sewn together and stuffed, that I bought earlier in the year from an Australian fabric designer called Saffron Craig. You can find all things Saffron Craig here. We thought it would be nice for everyone to sign the koala as a keepsake from us in Australia.

Madi and her koala

Sadly the evening came to a close, group shots were taken and goodbyes had to be said. 

We will miss you Madi and your beautiful sweet spirit that you brought to everything we did.  Hopefully we will see you again really soon.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Yes I have been Missing in Action on here atleast, but it seems that I have been super busy in real life. 

There has been lots of sewing, birthday party to organise, we have had school holidays which doesn't always alow quiet time to sit and write and lots of Young Womens stuff going on too.

I PROMISE that I will post more next week, pictures have been taken of the sewing that has been done, as I type now a big girls birthday cake is cooking in the oven, I must say smelling fantastic and very chocolatey. Rather than buying lolly bags I have made drawstring bags for each of the guests to take home filled with loot. I must admit something here, they are not finished yet and the party is tomorrow so that I where I am taking myself off to now, my sewing corner, to whip another one up before little girls and their stories of pre school mini olympics and being the birthday girl in Yr 2 and handing out cup cakes to everyone all come tumbling back home. Naturally mummy is happy to stop all and listen.

So do not worry, multiple posts, which will be picture heavy, of party preparations and the actual thing and other stuff will be up here early next week.