Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pictures are here at last

I have been wanting to post the promised pictures for a while and I finally got around to downloading all the photos off the camera. There was photos on there from before Christmas! 

So here you are, I really like the things that I made for Jemma and baby Noah, as always there are things that I would tweak to make them perfect like filling the tag monster with a bit more filling and my hand stitching is never up to par, but they needed to get in the post and I hope that they still love them.

Here are the pics for you to enjoy too.

The tag monster - the pattern can be found here plus check out the embroidery! It has been longer than I remember since I did any embroidery :) Then there is the wrap/blanket that I made using a really cute animal interlock on one side and a blue flannel on the other. I decided to cut his name from the interlock and applique it onto the flannel side to add some interest. I really love it but it was difficult getting material that stretches and the flannel match up when sewing etc. 

Finally this picture is of the whole package that I sent which included a couple of bibs I made using a tutorial and pattern from The pattern and tutorial for the bibs can be found here. I used some cotton that I found at Spotlight on sale and backed the whale one with some very soft blue minkee (thanks mum) and the apple one with some coloured terry toweling that I already had. I really like how they turned out. 

What do you think? a good baby present? I think so and I hope Jem does too. She should get them soon.. will have to skype her. 

I am going to do some scrap booking on Friday evening - eek I know crap booking. To say that I have never been a fan is an understatement but this looks easy and not the usual type, so I have to print out pictures and collect together stuff that I want to put in it to make some memories on paper. I am looking forward to it so I will let you know how I go.

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