Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crafting - so much fun

I am sooo excited about some of the things that I have been making recently. I hope you like it too. 

I used Dana's circle skirt tutorial from made for a skirt for Olivia. She loves it so much and feels and looks very grown up in this skirt when she wears it to church. I used a light grey rayon and it is so soft but oh my what a shocker to work with. I need an overlocker if I am going to use this material again as it kept catching as I was finishing the edges, and the hem oooohhh boy. I love that she loves the skirt. It does look lovely and I try so hard not to see my mistakes when she is wearing it, do any of you do that, see your own mistakes too much?

I also made another tag monster this time for a little girl, the very beautiful Camille was getting it. Her mummy Lisa asked me to make it for her. My first paid commission sewing job. As I know that Craft Schmaft's pattern is a freebie and they ask for people not to sell the things they make from the pattern I was sure that the money only covered materials used. I hope that is ok.  The tag monster pattern can be found here.

Lisa asked me to use pinks and greens so I used a floral flannel and green flannel and the matching ribbons all seemed to be the expensive ones but that is ok it looks really pretty.  I actually used the pattern the other way round but the monster is still cute I think and I hope Lisa liked it. I think perhaps another row of ribbons would have worked but I still love it.

On Friday night at my usual craft evening I cut out some more bibs from this tutorial and also cut out a delightful elephant called Elouise. The pattern is one that I bought years ago from Audrey and Maude and for some reason shyed away from making it but I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. My friend, Heather, is due to have a little girl in a month but her little boy came 6 weeks early so I wanted to be prepared. I used the same floral flannel that I used for Camille's tag monster and then some pink cotton poplin for the tummy and inside ears.


I think she looks like a bit of a diva as I made the knot I used in the embroidery thread to look like eyelashes. I think it works. As she is stuffed so hard it was really hard to sew up her tummy and my hand sewing skills eeek, by no means perfect, but I think she looks great and I hope Heather and her new little girl, when she arrives, will love her too.  

I spent just about all day sewing yesterday it was so good. I love my little sewing corner. I have loads of ideas and patterns and material lined up ready to be made. i just need to do it. perhaps less telly in the evening and more sewing. :)

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