Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here in NSW we are almost two thirds of the way through school holidays and it seems like my girls and I have not done very much at all really, like time has just run away from us. I know we have done stuff, and of course to me one of the best part of school holidays is not having a schedule to adhere too, it's just, well, I like to think that the girls love their holidays too. Soooo, when cousins asked us to babysit a baby bunny - over Easter- whilst they went away, what was I supposed to say except "Yes, of course we will".

Now I have to preface these comments with the fact that last year we looked after the schools fully grown, male, rabbit (Memphis) over a weekend and by the end I was very happy to see it leave and was quite clear with Olivia that it wasn't coming home again with us. No one prepared me for the strength of rabbit urine and what it does to carpet! Anyway, another rabbit, glutton for punishment? maybe. However I have to say so far so good. The bunny, Coco, is very cute, placid and and the polar opposite of Memphis. How could the girls not love her? and Olivia and Sophie have happily been having loads of cuddles and have not left the lounge room.

Sophie was absolutely petrified of the thing when she first arrived but as you can see that soon ended and then my Easter weekend was spent saying, "Get off the rabbit", "Leave her alone", and always her retort was' "but mummy I like her" and I would say "I know you do but she won't like you if you bug her all the time." Fun and games, fun and games.

Her family came and collected her on Sunday and I have to say I wasn't sad to see her go as I was very 'over' saying the same things all the time but the girls were great with her and Olivia cleaned up so much of the poos and wee. What a good girl.

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