Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday period dramas

I am a complete sucker for a good period drama. I love them, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Bleak House, Tess of the D'Urbavilles, Gosford House, Sense and Sensibility and the list goes on. 

I have to say that on a quiet Sunday afternoon sitting down to Sense and Sensibility is just a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours in my opinion. Great story, wonderful actors, beautiful Devonshire countryside and oh swoon swoon Mr Willoughby the cad, and then the gorgeous, dependable Colonel Brandon. I watched the 1995 version with a very young Kate Winslett, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman long before he became Professor Snape. 

It has been such a long time since I had seen the film and even longer since I had read the book. I just loved it. The girls had been pestering me quite a bit and my patience was short (I was tired too) so once I had them settled and sorted this was just a great way for me to recharge. I have always felt I could relate to this story a bit, the gorgeous boyfriends who don't do the right thing by you and then there is the gorgeous dependable guy ready to take care of you and love you and make you so happy. The afternoon / evening was finished off wonderfully with a bowl of corn chowder. Corn Chowder always evokes memories of cold Saturday evenings in England, mum would have made it when we got home from work from our Saturday jobs, and there would also be homemade bread rolls to go with it, smothered in butter. Absolutely delicious.

Another new period drama called Downton Abbey started last night.

If you are in Australia I am sure you have seen all the advertising for it. I did enjoy it but not as much as Sense and Sensibility. I will tune in again next week to see how the story progresses.

Sewing did happen this weekend. Friday night craft happened at my house and it was so fun, there is always one wonderful friend missing who moved to Melbourne but we still had lots of laughs and got a little sewing done. Pyjamas were just about finished and THEN I made a mistake and as I was unpicking I picked a hole in the top aaaahhhhh. I was so cross with myself. So another top has been gotten and I have to redo what I did on Friday night. I did however also cut out a popover dress and decided to use some very precious Prints Charming material  called Rainbow Gardens, (some of the colour range can be seen below) that I have had for the yoke and ties.  It is going to look great. 

Only 1 more week until Todd comes home. I have really missed him this trip, Saturday night was rather lonely. Nearly 3 weeks, a longer than normal trip and not one that I want to replicate anytime soon. Well he is away for 2 weeks in July but we have a long weekend away together before then and we are all counting down. The mountains in Winter here we come, with open fires, hot chocolate, all rugged up with scarves and hats and gloves. Walks on brisk bright days, bring it on.

It is pouring with rain in Sydney today, a cold, rainy, cloudy day. Getting out of bed was rather tough this morning. I hope Mondayitis is not hitting you too badly this morning.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Have you found EveNmore yet?

Have you found EveNmore designs yet? They are totally gorgeous and so affordable. I found this site not long ago and have been trying to decide which things to order for myself. I am an earring girls but I love studs so when I saw this giveaway I just had to join in. 

Go on, go on over to eveNmore you can just click on the button above and have a look you won't be dissapointed. Also if you blog about or post her button on your blog and leave a message on her site you will be in the running to win some studs all for yourself.

Also I have to admit something, I have no idea how to put a button on the side bar of my blog hence the post. Help please. Is it ok to admit that I am technically challenged? I hope I am not the only one out there.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday time

It is birthday time over at the very gorgeous blog I have to say. This has been one of my favourite blogs for quite sometime and Randi the author runs her own fabric shop called Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. The blog is just beautiful, full of bright colours, beautiful photos and gorgeous fabrics that I just want to touch and feel them so badly. (I have a bit of a thing about wanting to touch fabrics, not just look, I have been told off a few times).

If you need even more incentive to head on over for a look there is a give away of some delicious fabrics, all you have to do to be in the running is leave a comment and say what is your favourite cake. What is it? Mine is cinnamon and choc chip cake that I make. Delicious but dangerous as one piece is never enough and I can't stop at one.

You have to be in it to win it so go on head on over and enter, you know you want too.

Nearly done

As promised there was some sewing over the weekend and the oliver + s pattern pyjamas are definately taking shape. Legs are sewn and put together and I am in the middle of attaching the waistband. It was nearly midnight when I first pinned it and was wondering why I couldn't get it to look right... upside down ! Yes there is something to be said about sewing when you are really tired and it is late. Just got to do the leg binding and pop the elastic into the waistband and they are done. 

Another sorry for the iphone photos. Camera is away on tour.

I think that they are going to look great, of course they are all creased now but will be ironed I promise. I didn't have enough material to do the kimono top that goes with this pattern and so when I was at Target I grabbed a long sleeve t-shirt in a bigger size for just a couple of dollars on sale and have so far cut and interfaced a big snowflake shape to the front in the flannellette that I have made the legs in. If there are some eagle eyes out there, yes you can see some fabric pen on the edges but I am going to applique all the way around it so it will be hidden. I think it works. What do you think? I hope Lilia and Jemma love them.

Next for the dress. I am unsure as to what contrast to do across the front/back top. I am hoping that some pink from my stash will look great. There are so many pictures on the oliver + s flickr site, so may gorgeous dresses and lots of inspiration. My stash is getting bigger and bigger and as the Aus dollar is so good at the moment buying from the US is such good value now, there are lots of fabrics that I would love but have promised myself that sewing from what I already have is necessary first.

Ok must make some phone calls. Last Tuesday I was in a car accident. I was rammed from behind, thankfully Sophie and I were fine and the other driver immediately accepted it was his fault and to make things even better we have the same insurance company which has moved things along swiftly. So I have to book Todd's car, (oh yes did I mention I was driving Todd's car?) in to the smash repair place to get fixed. It is good timing as Todd is away for the next couple of weeks on his TriVita country tour so atleast he isn't needing it, a slight silver lining? perhaps, well if it was to happen at least it is now right?

I am so busy busy week this week, dentists for the girls Monday after school, babysitting nieces after school on Tuesday, Olivia has swimming squads and I have YW camp certification on Wednesday after school where I am teaching 13/14 yr olds how to build 3 types of fires, Car to smash repairers on Thursday, and Friday? well Friday is my day, and will be filled with some SEWING. I can't wait.

Oh and one more thing - how gorgeous is this little face. I so wanted to take her home with me but I restrained myself but only just. The girls were totally smitten with a Maltese Shitzu cross, a little fluff ball. The same line that I have been saying for ages - when we get a backyard then we can get a dog came out but oh how I wanted to ignore it. 

Freezing in Sydney today, Winter has suddenly arrived so stay warm whatever you are doing.

Friday, May 20, 2011

What has happened?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Ours was good, we celebrated a birthday, Todd did loads of jobs that he has been wanting to do for a few weekends now and I prepared my lesson for church and made a Lime and Mascarpone torte too. The torte was for a certain young lady who turned 18 and lime and cheese are her favourite things at the moment. It was delicious. I didn't take a photo to share with you all. I really must get in the habit of taking photos more often. If Lime and Mascapone Torte sounds good to you it is incredibly easy, takes literally 15 mins to prepare and there is no cooking involved just bashing, juicing, measuring and mixing. Oh and putting it in the fridge to set. 

Go here to get the recipe.  

It is an old Sainsburys recipe (Oh how I miss you Sainsburys), funny or sad (not sure) little side note here when ever I go back to UK the first place I go is Sainsburys and wander the isles basking in the loveliness that is a light, bright, open supermarket that has everything and buy one get one free deals. I love Sainsburys. Woolworths and Coles here in Aus do not measure up in any way shape or form. So definately try the recipe out, you wont be disappointed. Let me know if you do and what you think.

I started this post days and days ago and time is wizzing past. We have battled head lice eeekkkkk used both chemist stuff and a more natural product and the natural one kicked those little bugs behinds unlike the chemist stuff and didn't leave little scalps red raw. This picture is of little Sophie with her head covered in stuff that had to stay on for 4 hours and then covered in cling film to stop it coming off and then we put a shower cap on her as she kept touching the cling film. 

Funny face, I'm smiling mum but not happy really.

All clear was given and so back to pre-school we have gone and thankfully they have not been shared with the rest of the family. Phhhheewww.

The other big stuff that has been happening is with Todd and the company he works for, TriVita. Last night was their official launch here in Australia at the very lovely Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney and a lively, entertaining couple of hours was had listening to presentations from Todd who is the National Sales Director, Micheal Ellison CEO, Brazos Minchew Chief Science Officer, and Terry Newsome International Sales Director. 

They are all so excited that the company is launched here and on it's way. They all believe in the products so much and each have personal testimonies of how these products have helped them in some way. The culture of the company is such that Todd has changed 180 degrees from when he used to be in I.T. He hated work, was sad, depressed and uninspired. Now he is motivated, excited, at the office by 7 every day and loving talking to people, selling the products and getting the company running. I went to the evening, got all dressed up, organised a babysitter, and spent the evening talking to people I don't know (not usually my idea of fun) but it was a good evening and a success with the number of people that attended. TriVita Australia is officially here.  If you would like to know more and experience wellness for yourself go here.

I got this little book for Mothers Day and I love it.

Every page has a saying and a quote/proverb on it. All are ways to help you be happy. I am happy but I think there is always room for improvement right? Kikki k, the most gorgeous shop, is where we got it. 

Todays thought is entitled Remember people's names, perhaps I should have read that one last night haha. The little quote at the end is a Chinese saying and it goes like this, 'A man dies and leaves a name, a tiger dies and leaves a skin.'

Finally, phew you say what a long post, some sewing, yay!!  Here is the start of Lilia's (my niece) pyjamas which will be a part of her birthday present. 

The bottoms are all cut from this really soft and cute flannel shown above and I am using the Bedtime stories unisex pyjama pattern from oliver + s also shown above. I really need to figure out how to rotate pics before loading them here, but you get the gist right? and so I am ready to sew this evening, I promise. Of course I will show you the finished deal in the next day or so, and then I have this lovely  light fabric chambray to make her a popover dress from the free pattern at oliver + s

Jem if you are reading this I hope you like them all. The dress I made Lilia last year she loves but the pattern doesn't go any bigger than a 3. So I hope she loves this one as much.

Ok that is it for today, wow long one. I hope you are still with me and not fallen asleep. We have another fabulous Autumn day here in Sydney, I hope you are having a great day where ever you are, and final apologies about the dark photos, again all from my iphone 3, and our home is always dark, great in the hot summer not so great in winter. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So much to do

Birthdays have stopped creeping up and are closing in fast, that is birthdays where I had plans of making things. I really hope this happens to other people and not just me. Does it?

My sewing cupboard has a large pile of projects that are ready to be started - pattern is printed out if from the internet and fabric is chosen, bought and all together in an A4 ziplock bag to keep it all clean and together, but I really must choose the next projects to do on a date requirement basis and not what I particularly 'feel' like doing basis.

Anyway, I have done a couple of little things over the last few days that I wanted to share and so here they are. I have to add a sorry about the state of the photos, all were taken with my iphone as Todd has the camera at work and the top two are too dark. Isn't that always the way when you need things they are not there! :)

You have all met Eloise the Elephant before but I decided that as it was getting so much colder now - hasn't it gotten chilly quickly recently? - that I should make baby Adora a wrap to match Elouise and also keep her warm of course. So I choose 2 flannels that were in my stash and they are so soft and will be so warm. I am meeting her this week, and I hope they like these things. I used the matching floral that I used on Elouise the Elephant and then I backed the wrap with this girly flannel. I think it is one that will also 'grow' with the baby and isn't just a baby pattern.

I was given a blanket when I had Sophie made from this flannel and I loved it so much I went and bought some.

The other fun thing that I have done over the last couple of days is make some ruffles. I was given some old crepe streamers in a box of craft things and I thought aah haa. I saw this tutorial on Made and thought that the old streamers needed to be made 'new' again and given a new lease on life. I am also going to an 18th birthday party tonight and thought lots of ruffle goodness would be fun.

Aren't they gorgeous? I did pink and purple, red and white, yellow and green and black and white. You can just see these two at the top of the picture. They are not particularly long but will add a bit of fun to the decorations that I am sure will already be gorgeous.

I need to get some things for a pass the parcel for tonights party. The birthday girls' name begins with A, so I need to get all things that start with the letter A. Apart from ant and Aero I am struggling at the moment. I will have to get my thinking cap on.

Whatever you are up to today I hope you have fun. Oh and you can find me linking at

and at Made's Flickr group.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all mums, Grandma's, Nanny's, and all other mums out there in Australia and US, as the UK has already had it's Mothers Day back in March.

I had a fabulous sleep in yesterday, a few lovely little gifts and some amazing art works/cards made by Olivia and Sophie. I am such a lucky mummy to have these two beautiful little spirits in my home. Will I still feel that way in 8 - 10 years when they are teenagers? I hope so, I really do.

At church the Primary leaders had all the children print their hands on little canvas' for Mothers Day. What a great idea, and something that will definately go away in a box to keep for later years to look back on.

After church we headed to Todd's parents home where all the sons and son-in-laws had organised dinner for everyone. It was delicious and so lovely not having to cook anything or clean up or wash up. You did an amazing job guys and I really appreciated it.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sugar and Spice

Sophie has, since she was born, been, well a monkey. She is sugar and spice and all things nice and is such a conundrum sometimes. What do I mean by this? well, for example when she was a baby she was either happy as a clam or screaming (far too much screaming).

Sophie's blessing day - screaming

Happy girl

When she was older she wouldn't really play with toys she would just LOVE to make a mess, or when we went out she liked to look pretty but I would find her playing in the dirt with the boys.

What else can I get out?

She is drawn to water like I have never seen before, if there is any slight puddle she will find it and jump in it no matter what she is wearing or where we are, and then she looks at you with her blue eyes and blonde curls and you can't help but smile. Well sometimes.

Yesterday I was tidying up and I turned over my linen cushion to find this drawn on the back of it !

I know it is a cute picture, but I lost it, I shouted at her. She is not allowed to draw anywhere near the sofas as she can not keep pen on paper and this wasn't an oops, this was a deliberate let me draw on there picture. After I had well and truely told her off, she burst into tears, and then we had cuddles, and then a more productive chat about where we are allowed to draw and whether mummy likes pen on her sofa or not.

After I calmed down I went to take the cushion cover to the laundry to pre treat it and try and get the pen out and I realised what a funny happy little picture it was and it was silly of me to get so cross over a little biro. Sophie is such a blessing in our lives, just as Olivia is,  and it is marvelous to me almost everyday as to how different they are and have been since the day they were born with their own personalities, and yet love one another so unquestionably.

Sisters are amazing and I have been blessed to have 3 sisters in my life. We are so different in so many ways yet similar too and we love one another too. I know they will hate this picture and I don't love it but it was a wonderful day together and the last picture of us all together. 

I love you all x


Monday, May 2, 2011

May is here!

It is May can you believe it? Where has this year gone? it has positively flown by. I remember my mum saying that time got quicker as you get older and I never really believed her but now I do! Is it because we are so much busier as we are older with so many different responsibilities? hmm not sure what do you think?

I didn't manage to get any sewing done this weekend, I was so busy with a youth convention that I was required to attend as a result of me being a Young Womens leader (If you have no idea what I am talking about go  here  and it will hopefully explain some things for you). I really am so very blessed to be able to spend time with these outstanding young women (girls aged 12-18), they teach me so much and they are such fun to be around.

Heather had her little girl this week so it was such a good job that Elouise Elephant below got finished last weekend so I can pop over to see them this week as long as little Adora comes home from hospital. At 2kg she was half the size Sophie was born. What a fatty I had :)

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? I had intentions of just having it on in the background but that went out the window, friends were here and pizza was ordered and we watched so much of it. I remember watching Charles and Diana's wedding and so we watched this one too. What was your favourite part or parts? Didn't everyone look amazing, well except for some of the cousins eekk perhaps some assistance from a stylist may come in handy. The princes in their uniform looked fantastic and 'the dress'! Wow, very Grace Kelly but so beautiful and simple but definately not plain. Todd was rather taken with the bridesmaid Pippa Middleton apparently she looked 'amazing'!! The girls loved watching it and every time we told Olivia to go to bed she said I want to see them kiss so they saw the kisses and then off to bed. Maybe she will will remember seeing a girl become a princess when she is older too. But I do hope that this marriage ends up being a whole lot happier than the other time I watched a girl become a princess.

We are back to normal routines and hopefully that normality will bring me some more time to make some things. Fingers crossed, as there are birthdays swiftly approaching.

Here is a picture or 2 of Olivia and Sophie. Liv's hair has gotten long and has discovered pigtails. Doesn't she look gorgeous? Very cute my big girl, and then a picture of the 2 of them together. They were just sitting at the table hence the big red chairs.

Cheeky monsters the 2 of them, but having fun none the less.

Have a fantastic day today x