Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nearly done

As promised there was some sewing over the weekend and the oliver + s pattern pyjamas are definately taking shape. Legs are sewn and put together and I am in the middle of attaching the waistband. It was nearly midnight when I first pinned it and was wondering why I couldn't get it to look right... upside down ! Yes there is something to be said about sewing when you are really tired and it is late. Just got to do the leg binding and pop the elastic into the waistband and they are done. 

Another sorry for the iphone photos. Camera is away on tour.

I think that they are going to look great, of course they are all creased now but will be ironed I promise. I didn't have enough material to do the kimono top that goes with this pattern and so when I was at Target I grabbed a long sleeve t-shirt in a bigger size for just a couple of dollars on sale and have so far cut and interfaced a big snowflake shape to the front in the flannellette that I have made the legs in. If there are some eagle eyes out there, yes you can see some fabric pen on the edges but I am going to applique all the way around it so it will be hidden. I think it works. What do you think? I hope Lilia and Jemma love them.

Next for the dress. I am unsure as to what contrast to do across the front/back top. I am hoping that some pink from my stash will look great. There are so many pictures on the oliver + s flickr site, so may gorgeous dresses and lots of inspiration. My stash is getting bigger and bigger and as the Aus dollar is so good at the moment buying from the US is such good value now, there are lots of fabrics that I would love but have promised myself that sewing from what I already have is necessary first.

Ok must make some phone calls. Last Tuesday I was in a car accident. I was rammed from behind, thankfully Sophie and I were fine and the other driver immediately accepted it was his fault and to make things even better we have the same insurance company which has moved things along swiftly. So I have to book Todd's car, (oh yes did I mention I was driving Todd's car?) in to the smash repair place to get fixed. It is good timing as Todd is away for the next couple of weeks on his TriVita country tour so atleast he isn't needing it, a slight silver lining? perhaps, well if it was to happen at least it is now right?

I am so busy busy week this week, dentists for the girls Monday after school, babysitting nieces after school on Tuesday, Olivia has swimming squads and I have YW camp certification on Wednesday after school where I am teaching 13/14 yr olds how to build 3 types of fires, Car to smash repairers on Thursday, and Friday? well Friday is my day, and will be filled with some SEWING. I can't wait.

Oh and one more thing - how gorgeous is this little face. I so wanted to take her home with me but I restrained myself but only just. The girls were totally smitten with a Maltese Shitzu cross, a little fluff ball. The same line that I have been saying for ages - when we get a backyard then we can get a dog came out but oh how I wanted to ignore it. 

Freezing in Sydney today, Winter has suddenly arrived so stay warm whatever you are doing.

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