Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So much to do

Birthdays have stopped creeping up and are closing in fast, that is birthdays where I had plans of making things. I really hope this happens to other people and not just me. Does it?

My sewing cupboard has a large pile of projects that are ready to be started - pattern is printed out if from the internet and fabric is chosen, bought and all together in an A4 ziplock bag to keep it all clean and together, but I really must choose the next projects to do on a date requirement basis and not what I particularly 'feel' like doing basis.

Anyway, I have done a couple of little things over the last few days that I wanted to share and so here they are. I have to add a sorry about the state of the photos, all were taken with my iphone as Todd has the camera at work and the top two are too dark. Isn't that always the way when you need things they are not there! :)

You have all met Eloise the Elephant before but I decided that as it was getting so much colder now - hasn't it gotten chilly quickly recently? - that I should make baby Adora a wrap to match Elouise and also keep her warm of course. So I choose 2 flannels that were in my stash and they are so soft and will be so warm. I am meeting her this week, and I hope they like these things. I used the matching floral that I used on Elouise the Elephant and then I backed the wrap with this girly flannel. I think it is one that will also 'grow' with the baby and isn't just a baby pattern.

I was given a blanket when I had Sophie made from this flannel and I loved it so much I went and bought some.

The other fun thing that I have done over the last couple of days is make some ruffles. I was given some old crepe streamers in a box of craft things and I thought aah haa. I saw this tutorial on Made and thought that the old streamers needed to be made 'new' again and given a new lease on life. I am also going to an 18th birthday party tonight and thought lots of ruffle goodness would be fun.

Aren't they gorgeous? I did pink and purple, red and white, yellow and green and black and white. You can just see these two at the top of the picture. They are not particularly long but will add a bit of fun to the decorations that I am sure will already be gorgeous.

I need to get some things for a pass the parcel for tonights party. The birthday girls' name begins with A, so I need to get all things that start with the letter A. Apart from ant and Aero I am struggling at the moment. I will have to get my thinking cap on.

Whatever you are up to today I hope you have fun. Oh and you can find me linking at

and at Made's Flickr group.

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