Friday, May 20, 2011

What has happened?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Ours was good, we celebrated a birthday, Todd did loads of jobs that he has been wanting to do for a few weekends now and I prepared my lesson for church and made a Lime and Mascarpone torte too. The torte was for a certain young lady who turned 18 and lime and cheese are her favourite things at the moment. It was delicious. I didn't take a photo to share with you all. I really must get in the habit of taking photos more often. If Lime and Mascapone Torte sounds good to you it is incredibly easy, takes literally 15 mins to prepare and there is no cooking involved just bashing, juicing, measuring and mixing. Oh and putting it in the fridge to set. 

Go here to get the recipe.  

It is an old Sainsburys recipe (Oh how I miss you Sainsburys), funny or sad (not sure) little side note here when ever I go back to UK the first place I go is Sainsburys and wander the isles basking in the loveliness that is a light, bright, open supermarket that has everything and buy one get one free deals. I love Sainsburys. Woolworths and Coles here in Aus do not measure up in any way shape or form. So definately try the recipe out, you wont be disappointed. Let me know if you do and what you think.

I started this post days and days ago and time is wizzing past. We have battled head lice eeekkkkk used both chemist stuff and a more natural product and the natural one kicked those little bugs behinds unlike the chemist stuff and didn't leave little scalps red raw. This picture is of little Sophie with her head covered in stuff that had to stay on for 4 hours and then covered in cling film to stop it coming off and then we put a shower cap on her as she kept touching the cling film. 

Funny face, I'm smiling mum but not happy really.

All clear was given and so back to pre-school we have gone and thankfully they have not been shared with the rest of the family. Phhhheewww.

The other big stuff that has been happening is with Todd and the company he works for, TriVita. Last night was their official launch here in Australia at the very lovely Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney and a lively, entertaining couple of hours was had listening to presentations from Todd who is the National Sales Director, Micheal Ellison CEO, Brazos Minchew Chief Science Officer, and Terry Newsome International Sales Director. 

They are all so excited that the company is launched here and on it's way. They all believe in the products so much and each have personal testimonies of how these products have helped them in some way. The culture of the company is such that Todd has changed 180 degrees from when he used to be in I.T. He hated work, was sad, depressed and uninspired. Now he is motivated, excited, at the office by 7 every day and loving talking to people, selling the products and getting the company running. I went to the evening, got all dressed up, organised a babysitter, and spent the evening talking to people I don't know (not usually my idea of fun) but it was a good evening and a success with the number of people that attended. TriVita Australia is officially here.  If you would like to know more and experience wellness for yourself go here.

I got this little book for Mothers Day and I love it.

Every page has a saying and a quote/proverb on it. All are ways to help you be happy. I am happy but I think there is always room for improvement right? Kikki k, the most gorgeous shop, is where we got it. 

Todays thought is entitled Remember people's names, perhaps I should have read that one last night haha. The little quote at the end is a Chinese saying and it goes like this, 'A man dies and leaves a name, a tiger dies and leaves a skin.'

Finally, phew you say what a long post, some sewing, yay!!  Here is the start of Lilia's (my niece) pyjamas which will be a part of her birthday present. 

The bottoms are all cut from this really soft and cute flannel shown above and I am using the Bedtime stories unisex pyjama pattern from oliver + s also shown above. I really need to figure out how to rotate pics before loading them here, but you get the gist right? and so I am ready to sew this evening, I promise. Of course I will show you the finished deal in the next day or so, and then I have this lovely  light fabric chambray to make her a popover dress from the free pattern at oliver + s

Jem if you are reading this I hope you like them all. The dress I made Lilia last year she loves but the pattern doesn't go any bigger than a 3. So I hope she loves this one as much.

Ok that is it for today, wow long one. I hope you are still with me and not fallen asleep. We have another fabulous Autumn day here in Sydney, I hope you are having a great day where ever you are, and final apologies about the dark photos, again all from my iphone 3, and our home is always dark, great in the hot summer not so great in winter. 

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