Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sugar and Spice

Sophie has, since she was born, been, well a monkey. She is sugar and spice and all things nice and is such a conundrum sometimes. What do I mean by this? well, for example when she was a baby she was either happy as a clam or screaming (far too much screaming).

Sophie's blessing day - screaming

Happy girl

When she was older she wouldn't really play with toys she would just LOVE to make a mess, or when we went out she liked to look pretty but I would find her playing in the dirt with the boys.

What else can I get out?

She is drawn to water like I have never seen before, if there is any slight puddle she will find it and jump in it no matter what she is wearing or where we are, and then she looks at you with her blue eyes and blonde curls and you can't help but smile. Well sometimes.

Yesterday I was tidying up and I turned over my linen cushion to find this drawn on the back of it !

I know it is a cute picture, but I lost it, I shouted at her. She is not allowed to draw anywhere near the sofas as she can not keep pen on paper and this wasn't an oops, this was a deliberate let me draw on there picture. After I had well and truely told her off, she burst into tears, and then we had cuddles, and then a more productive chat about where we are allowed to draw and whether mummy likes pen on her sofa or not.

After I calmed down I went to take the cushion cover to the laundry to pre treat it and try and get the pen out and I realised what a funny happy little picture it was and it was silly of me to get so cross over a little biro. Sophie is such a blessing in our lives, just as Olivia is,  and it is marvelous to me almost everyday as to how different they are and have been since the day they were born with their own personalities, and yet love one another so unquestionably.

Sisters are amazing and I have been blessed to have 3 sisters in my life. We are so different in so many ways yet similar too and we love one another too. I know they will hate this picture and I don't love it but it was a wonderful day together and the last picture of us all together. 

I love you all x


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