Tuesday, April 26, 2011


How was your Easter weekend?

Ours has been VERY quiet which has suited us down to the ground as Todd was recovering from another bug that I am sure Sophie has brought home from pre-school. Uuugghh a child starts pre-school and we all share in the germs and takes a while to grow immune I think.

Sunday as well as being Easter Sunday and the thoughts that that invokes of our Saviour and the sacrifice that he made for us all, it was also a very poignant day for my family. 8 years ago my big brother Simon passed away after battling brain tumors so bravely. 8 years. Where has that time gone? I was 16 weeks pregnant with Olivia and it is always a sadness to me that my girls have never had a chance to hang out with Uncle Simon in this life. As the time has past for me I know it is less about the sadness of him being gone but more a day where I reflect on funny things that he did or said or wore, ie his hideous 'carpet cardigans' or his Miami Vice outfits etc. or things that we did together like jumping off scaffolding into builders sand on Buckland Rise or playing ball outside on the patio. Throwing it to one another for hours as he wasn't going to have a sister who couldn't throw a ball properly. I know we all have our own memories and fun things that we reflect on but these were a few that were flying around my mind this weekend.

I also had some terrible news  on Sunday about a girl that was my best friend at first and middle school, Clare Johnson. Her husband sent me a message that she died last week of a brain aneyerism. It stunned me. She is my age, has 3 kids 5 and under, one is just a baby. Such a horrific tragedy for her husband, children and family and all those that loved her. It still has me floored and just made me want to hug my girls so much more and make sure that everyone that I love know that I do. We had only just in the last few months reconnected via facebook but wow. If I had been in UK I would have gone to her funeral. So sad for her family.

I felt like I had to tell people that knew her and so I skyped mum and dad. It was a lovely way to finish the day by Skyping with them and talking to them for hours. I shared with them some of my reflections on the day at church, Simon and Clare. It was good to share, be a bit sad but also to laugh about me telling the girls about Simon singing the song 'do your ears hang low' with the words 'do your boobs hang low'. I shared how the girls thought it was hysterical and Olivia said "Mummy I think Uncle Simon was a bit naughty." My responce was, "Well yes baby he was."

After the reflections of Sunday I am ready to remember more, laugh more, live more and most importantly love more. x

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