Friday, March 25, 2011

Things I like or rather love.

It seems that time just flies past at the moment and wow before I know it weeks have gone by. Where has this year gone already? Having said that I wanted to share some things that I like and well ok I think we can even say I love.

Todd had his birthday last week and I won't share how old he is but he is older than me :) and actually I realised I was 1 year younger than I thought I was. How cool is that? to actually be younger than you really are, but oh how blonde of me to have gotten mixed up in the first place. The lovely T was booked in to babysit Liv and Soph and a grownup night was to be had in the city at Nick's at Kings St Wharf with amazing friends and then hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, that everyone would feel like dessert at the Lindt cafe afterwards at Cockle Bay. As T was here with the girls there was no need to rush home to let older people get to bed and no stressing as to how the girls were. We knew they would be fine as they were more than excited to see us leave and T stay with them. What a fun evening we had, beautiful, delicious food with wonderful friends and the back drop of Sydney Harbour. It was an evening that I loved. I actually loved getting dressed up and loved the food and the company.

Four days later it was Todd and my wedding anniversary. 14 years WOW! It has gone fast. We never do presents to each other but Todd broke the rules and gave me Champagne trufels - I love them, a Bruno Mars cd - I love that,  and some amazing Royal Doulton goblets that I have coveted for a really long time - I love them too. Most of all I love him. Thank you babe for loving me all these years x

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