Tuesday, March 15, 2011

After the weekend and catching up

It has been a weekend which quite frankly I would like to forget. I have felt ill since last Wednesday really if I am honest and without going into too much detail, this little bug that infected us wiped Todd and I out for the count. Sophie was fine by Saturday and Liv was totally cool the whole time. They were amazingly well behaved over the weekend whilst mummy and daddy laid on the sofas and had no energy. Such good girls, well most of the time.

Have you got Skype? I love Skype so much, if you have family away from you that you don't get to see too much you should seriously think about getting a webcam and loading it. I saw my 2 day old new nephew on Sunday evening. What a big boy at 8lb 15oz (Sophie still holds the fat record @ 9lb 1oz) and Jemma (my sister) looked tired but so happy. I absolutely love that even though I live literally on the other side of the world to my parents and siblings I can have conversations with them, and see them. My girls can see and talk to their grandparents and new cousins and aunts and uncles. It really does make distance seem less but oh how I long to give them all a hug and hold these delicious new additions to our extended family. Soon hopefully, soon.

Miss Sophie has gone to pre-school today of which she was totally ecstatic about for a make up day for the days missed last week so the house is quiet. Aah. Well, at the moment the Scissor Sisters are turned up loud and so I need to clean up and then I can get to sewing. Now that little baby boy has been named his wrap needs to be finished with his name and bound and the tag monster I am making him needs to be finished too. Don't worry I will share pictures when they are done.

It is a beautiful day in Sydney after some rain last night, hope you have a fantastic day.

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