Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is it true? Yes, Olivia is 8!

As promised here are some pictures of the big day which was Saturday 22nd October. Olivia opened her presents and then had her usual jazz class in the morning and then her party in the afternoon. We invited 7 school friends to go ice skating and then come back to our house for party games and food/cake. She had so much fun. It was noisy, full of laughter and girls screaming, dancing, playing musical statues, pass the parcel and eating and drinking tonnes. In other words lots of fun. 

Enjoy some of the pictures.

How did this happen already? I am still in shock that my beautiful, sensitive, crafty, freckled girl has turned 8. Time seems to have flown by, and I know that we can't stand still, but surely it can slow just a little more. Before my very eyes she is growing and developing into an incredible person of whom I am so proud, and I am not quite ready for her to be all grown up. I know it is my issue, but really where did my oh so long awaited little girl go? It honestly seems like yesterday I was on my way to the Mater hospital in Nth Sydney to finally deliver and meet her.

Happy Birthday my beautiful Olivia. I am so lucky to be your mummy.

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