Friday, October 21, 2011


Yes I have been Missing in Action on here atleast, but it seems that I have been super busy in real life. 

There has been lots of sewing, birthday party to organise, we have had school holidays which doesn't always alow quiet time to sit and write and lots of Young Womens stuff going on too.

I PROMISE that I will post more next week, pictures have been taken of the sewing that has been done, as I type now a big girls birthday cake is cooking in the oven, I must say smelling fantastic and very chocolatey. Rather than buying lolly bags I have made drawstring bags for each of the guests to take home filled with loot. I must admit something here, they are not finished yet and the party is tomorrow so that I where I am taking myself off to now, my sewing corner, to whip another one up before little girls and their stories of pre school mini olympics and being the birthday girl in Yr 2 and handing out cup cakes to everyone all come tumbling back home. Naturally mummy is happy to stop all and listen.

So do not worry, multiple posts, which will be picture heavy, of party preparations and the actual thing and other stuff will be up here early next week. 

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