Friday, March 16, 2012

And finally Away

Tuesday was the designated day when finally all post to my sisters and parents would be sent. So 3 big parcels were put together and addressed and taken to the Post Office. Thank goodness Mum and Dad and Robyn were here at Christmas so I didn't have to post. I had forgotten how expensive it is. Sheesh.

Mum and Dad got back the 2 t-shirts that Dad left here all ironed, temple cards and birthday and Mothers Day cards.

Jemma and Jay got a little parcel with Noah's birthday present and card in. I know it is late but gosh I hope he loves his train caddy.

Kathryn and Adam got a parcel with Dilly the Dinosaur activity books in and a Martian Shapes book, plus Issac's dinosaur drawstring bag and my very lovely blue and white elephant which Kathryn is giving to her friend as a baby gift.

Everyone I hope you love the stuff in your parcels and they make you smile even a little.

I love you all.

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