Friday, March 16, 2012

Not forgotten

I haven't forgotten you my little blog in fact I think about you a lot but it almost feels like I have fallen out of the habit of writing on you. 

Perhaps I have and so a new resolve to fill you in on my little world, or some of it at least.

A 'custom order' was placed for some nappy pants in varying sizes and colours so I got down to business and made them, and guess what? I forgot to take any photos and I have to say they did look super. My favourite ones were the little 3-6 month size in yellow seersucker, just gorgeous.

I was feeling a little out ok understatement, a lot, out of control with regards to my eating habits and so I decided to challenge myself and see if I could go without chocolate for 40 days, it just so happens lent is on now so... So far I am at day 23 and all is well. There has only been 1 day when I was really wrestling with myself as to wanting some but I feel good and in control. Sadly no weight has been lost, so I am already considering my next options for a 'do without' period and see how I feel. Sugar/desserts/cakes etc are high on the list as is bread. Hmmm decisions decisions.

I will let you know what I do and how I go.

Olivia has been ill a bit lately first with head cold/ flu symptoms and right now is on a course of antibiotics for a strep throat infection. Todd has been giving her drinks of juice/cordial/squash what ever you call it, with a vitamin C powder supplement in it, unbeknown to her, with the hope that she can feel better and her little body can fight off these germs a bit more. She has never eaten much fruit and I do worry about her getting sick because of it. So fingers crossed this works in the short term.

Last night was our ward New Beginnings Evening. We decided to have it in the garden at the Presidents home, under a gazebo and crossed our fingers and toes that the weather would hold as it has been so horrendous lately. It was lovely. We decorated with fairy lights, bunting made in the colours of the values and little lanterns that hang from fishing wire with a tea light candle in them and when it gets dark they look like they are floating. It was really pretty, and then just a few nibbles for supper and gorgeous girls to spend the time with. A lovely evening.

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