Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have been busy

Yes I have, I have been busy, busy doing what you ask? Sewing, yeh!

I have finished a wrap/blanket to match the boy taggy ball that I made the other week and a new girl taggy ball and last night I made this little beauty.

This as yet unnamed elephant went together really quite quickly last night and so I need to get some stuffing today to fill her up and make her nice and chubby and then sew on the ears, tail and eyes. Even though she is blue I think the pattern is still sufficiently girly and not all girls like pink right? or is that not all mummy's like pink? hehe.

So she is a lovely little blue and white cotton that I got at Spotlight last summer and her tummy and ears are some more of the blue minkee that mum gave me, thanks mum, and there is still some left, it just seems to keep on going, never to run out.

The wrap that I finished, just so you know, is the same white and blue flannel with stripes and stars as the ball and then on the other side a very cute interlock with little animal friends on in a beige. I think it works. I hope someone else does too. Cute Christmas present for someone perhaps?

Here is the girl ball that I finished too. I love the bright colours and I went a bit overboard with the ribbon tags, I do love it though.

I am excited about all my sewing plans and yesterday got a message from my sister Kathryn about perhaps making gorgeous Isaac a drawstring bag for his dinosaurs to live in. Would totally love too. Now to find the best material. Hmmm. I think a strong cotton drill may be the best with some fun lining.

A make up day at pre-school for Sophie yesterday meant that I could head off to get stuffing and thread to embroider the elephants ears and eyes. Of course I will share pictures when I am finished. It is looking great so far.

It is a beautiful day in Sydney today. I hope it is for you too.

p.s You will find me linking here today.

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