Friday, September 23, 2011

Following patterns

I am always so awe inspired when I read of people who can create without the use of a pattern, just draping material over a model or even just picturing a finished item in their mind then making it is astonishing to me and what a talent. Also, obviously, the people who write the patterns that we all use in the first place do this and I am often without words as to how amazing I think this is.

So after feeling like the above why do I then think that I don't need to follow a pattern when I am making something and just do what I do? I do not have the ability and or talent to just 'whip' something up and then I wonder why it hasn't worked out as well as last time I used the pattern? Duh, the answer is of course because I didn't follow the pattern!

This is not the first time that this has happened and when contemplating the reasons behind this last night in bed I came to the understanding that I am impatient when making things and want the project to be finished as soon as possible, why? so that I can sit back feel a little chuffed with myself and perhaps a little smug about how clever I am and what a wonderful job I did.

Last night in my mad rush to finish making Edward elephant I did not mark on the main body 2 spots that were on the pattern. I just 'guesstimated' where they were (as this is my 3rd elephant and I don't need the pattern right) and now as I look at flat Edward before he is stuffed there is something a little off. There is a funny pouchy thing underneath his tummy and after contemplating why this happened it is because I didn't mark the spots to sew too, sewed too far down his legs, and didn't leave enough seam for his colourful, cool, tummy to be attached to. What a huge dill.

So with a pout and a little cursing of my own stupidity I will unpick that seam and all other connecting seams and redo his side and tummy thus removing strange pouchy pocket and making him ready to be sold this evening at my usual Friday night craft night. I will show you pictures of the non pouchy finished Edward tomorrow.

Oh and in case you were worried, yes I have learned my lesson and yes I will remember in future to mark all spots, darts etc on patterns, they are on there for a reason right?!

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