Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Have you found it yet?

I am talking about
I love it, love love LOVE it and um yes will admit to spending maybe more than just a little time on this site.
This post and the whole Pinterest site should come with an addiction disclaimer warning everyone that they may spend an inordinate amount of time perusing beautiful, fun, cute, inspiring pictures that are out there in the world wide web. So be warned ok.

The site is a way to collect, collate virtual boards, with recipes, ideas, style, books to read, places to go anything you want, you make your own boards. I still would like a small board for my sewing area as I am a very touchy, visual person and I like to see and touch fabric before I buy and when deciding what to do with the said fabric. I think this is why I have not really jumped into the whole buying fabric on line, however a virtual world is still very very cool.

Any way I thought I would share a few of my favourite pictures that I have pinned to my virtual inspiration boards, seeing as this is my 'journal' of sorts this is a way to state that on this day in 2011 these are the sorts of things that I am liking and I feel are my thing.

I seem to be technically challenged and I can not load the pictures other than one below, any ideas anyone? I would love some help if it is out there.

If you do join up have fun and you can find me here.

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