Monday, September 12, 2011

Time to meet Ellie

Here she is, the finally finished Ellie Elephant. I made Elouise earlier this year blogged about here and I think Ellie may even be a little more gorgeous than Elouise.

I finally chose the correct blue for the eyes and embroidered away and now she is complete. I must say I love her.

Now on to a brother for Ellie, these are the fabrics chosen for Edward Elephant. He is going to be a lovely beige pin cord and his ears and tummy will be this fun blue and orange check, very boy, very cool. I am really looking forward to seeing what he turns out like.

The weekend ran away with me, was it busy for you too? On Friday I was busy busy helping clean a friends house as she and her family had to move out of their rented house at really short notice, and then on Saturday morning it was a ward service project at a local school to help them tidy up and mulch all their gardens. It will look fantastic, there were many willing hands to help and so made the going easier, it was wonderful to see wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow being loaded with mulch ready to cover weed free beds. The evening was a little get together at the Campbells and then Sunday was church and a baptism of a wonderful 8 yr old called Emerson. He is in Olivia's primary class and his parents are friends of ours too. It was a lovely service and if you want to know about baptism and why we do it at age 8 for our children go here.

All these things going on meant not much craft/sewing for me, well actually none, and so I am going to have a tv free evening tonight once both the girls are in bed, and get a move on with all the things that I have planned. Naturally I will share all when I am done :).

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  1. Oh my gosh I love this!!!! Making softies is so fun - I'm working on a turtle right now for my niece but I think an elephant might be next!