Sunday, September 18, 2011

New addition to the family

No I am not pregnant for those that thought that was going to be my announcement, honestly, family members, I would tell you in person before just putting it on the web.

Now that that is out of the way the new addition to the family, my new car, a 2006 Holden Astra in dark grey. Here she is.

I am absolutely loving the smooth drive (the old car often had me say 'come on car you can make it' to it in the morning as I wasn't sure if it was going to change gear or make it up the road), central locking, electric windows and a great stereo. Todd even took my car to run to the shops. He has NEVER done that before out of choice, mind you, you can't blame him.

However, with buying these new wheels for the girls and I to get around in it meant selling the much loved little Hyundai Excel 1999 model with 3 doors, that I have had since I learned to drive 10 years or so ago, before the girls were even born.

Todd had it cleaned and polished and it looked great, didn't it?, and decided to pop it on the web on at lunchtime on Sat and by 5pm someone had been to see it, gave us some cash as a holding deposit and came back on Sunday morning with the remainder of the money and took the car away.

It all happened unbelievably fast, of which we are so grateful for, as the registration and CTP were due next month on it and being honest there were some little 'quirks' shall we say, that we didn't want to have to pay to get fixed. Sophie called it my 'broken car' once I had bought the Astra.  It is the only mummy car that they have known and Olivia has taken the sale of it not too well. I was a bit sad to say goodbye to my little mobile that has served me well, but, this morning Sophie asked if we were going to school in the broken car and Liv told her that it had gone to live with a new family now and promptly burst into tears. Bless her heart. She is so sensative and gets so emotionally attached to things. When I clear out the girls room I have to do it when she is not around otherwise I can't throw any thing away. Hoarding tendancies - eeekk.

Todd took the money to the bank this morning to pay some bills which is fantastic, and then we can move on with the new car - that does have a few 'dings' and 'marks' on it but it has low km's and the engine is great apparently. Once some new memories have been made, like hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa over the summer and travelling in the new car, all will be ok with everyone, especially Olivia.

Grandma and Grandpa we can't wait for you to arrive, and you too Robs a little later. We are counting down the weeks.

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