Friday, June 24, 2011

In the early hours

I got myself organised and sewed the night away last night after I had watched some of my favourite programs on tv.  Not the best way to do things I can assure you, but I finished the promised pyjamas. In the early hours all was done.

Again I used the oliver + s Bedtime stories pyjama pattern. I made the size 8 which is just slightly long in the leg for her which is just what I wanted so that they will last a bit, as she is growing so much lately and perhaps a bit tight getting them over her bottom but nothing major. She is a good size 8 here.

Look how bright and fun they are

Lucky Olivia, do you think she loves them? I'm so glad she does.

I love them mummy 

She chose the fabric from my stash, a fun, bright, soft flannel from Spotlight and a t-shirt top from Target with applique that I cut out and fused to the t-shirt using heat and bond, and then a stitch all around the edge. I am really happy with how they turned out.

We are heading to the Blue Mountains at lunchtime today to a little town called Leura. Gosh it is going to be cold (it snowed a few mornings ago) but clear skies so we have walks planned and the cottage we are staying in has an open fire which will be lovely and heat us through nicely. Coats, hats, gloves and scarves are all ready to go. Olivia is so excited about our little long weekend away and started to pack her toys, cuddly friends and dvd's on Wednesday and her new pyjamas are top of the pile ready to go.

Sophie has become petrified of smoke. We have a new firestation that has been built in our suburb and we saw the firemen heading into the engine and she saw smoke from an open fire coming out of someone's chimney as we drove by. She has put 2 and 2 together and made 20 and so if smoke comes out of a chimney then the firemen have to come and "that would be scary coz there is fire!" It certainly is going to make a weekend away in a cottage that has an open fire interesting. We have told her there is no chimney - I know, a lie - to calm the anxiety as she was getting really worked up about it, as she won't see the smoke coming out of the chimney as we will be inside. We will see how we go...

So have a wonderful weekend where ever you are, I will be trying to keep warm.

ps.  I went to the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair yesterday with a couple of friends whilst all our 3 year olds were at pre-school together.  If you are in Sydney go check it out. It was so fun and I spent way too much money (oopps) but oh my, the gorgeous fabrics and patterns and books that I didn't buy. I will take some pictures of things that I did buy and give you a quick run down of my favourite stalls/designers probably after the weekend.

pps oooppss forgot to add you can find me linking here. Enjoy

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