Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Animal Man

Yesterday at Sophie's pre-school they had a visitor. His name was Bob Turner and he has a wonderful wildlife show that had the children enthralled. He has been coming to the school for many many years and Olivia loved him when she was attending pre-school and so we had been looking forward to Bob coming this week and seeing what animals he brought with him this time. The show was funny, entertaining and just delightful seeing their faces and how they all reacted to the animals. There were blue tongue lizards, a frill neck lizard and one other type of lizard, 2 green tree frogs, grubs, a giant burrowing cockroach, stick insect, 3 snakes and a long neck turtle.

I managed to get a few photos (again on my phone, I am so sorry, the camera is back on Sunday yay) showing Sophie with some of the differing emotions that she went through in the hour that Bob Turner was at school.

Oooh a blue tongue lizard

I just touched the turtle

Get it away from me!

So fun

Scared, oh my goodness, another lizard

I also thought it would be fun to compare some old pics of Olivia with Sophie. As school finished after the show Sophie walked out saying "bye Bob Turner" over and over. He certainly made an impression.

Olivia at 1st Bob Turner show - no touching too scared

I think the next pictures speak for themselves. The green outfit was Liv's 2nd time seeing the show and she was much more keen to join in as you will see.

Scared but fun


Big and brave with the daddy snake

Liking the mouse

I thought how fun and fulfilling it must be to have a job where you teach little kids some facts and give them knowledge and also bring so much joy and fun into their lives.

The animal man came, saw and totally won these children over and they had a great time. If you would like to get in contact with Bob Turner for yourself go here. You won't be disappointed.

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