Sunday, June 5, 2011

The best or worst place in the world?

Today Todd came home after his launch tour. 

His flight got in right in the middle of church time so we skipped church and took a trip to the airport to pick him up. The girls have been counting down the sleeps until daddy comes home and as he usually comes in really early in the morning, when he travels, we always pick him up and then head to McDonalds for hotcakes and orange juice and hash browns. Today's flight was a lunchtime one so once I had explained why there would be no hotcakes today all was well and we headed on to the domestic terminal.

Have you seen the film Love Actually? There is a thought that is talked about at the beginning and the end of the film, and without fail I tear up a bit as I totally agree, that the airport to me is both one of the best and one of the worst places on our planet. Let me explain. As someone who lives on the other side of the world to her family the airport is generally a place where tears flow for me. I know I am a far too emotional person anyway, but when my family arrives or we arrive over there after 21 hours on a plane, I am usually lost for words, and when we hug, and say hello that is about all I can get out without dissolving into 'ugly' crying. I need a minute to pull it together and collect our stuff and then I am good to go, I am just so happy to see them. Then there is the airport at the end of a trip when either we are leaving to come home or loved ones are leaving after the most wonderful time together. I always feel like my heart is being ripped out a bit, then the airport is the worst place in the world and sunglasses are a must have accessory along with a tissue or 2.

Thankfully today the airport was being a great place to be, and Sophie and Olivia's faces as they saw their daddy was just, well, lump in the throat inducing for me.

Welcome home Daddy/ Todd. We missed you...

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