Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Snow Mum Pillow

Here is the finished pillow/cushion. I really really wanted to have it done this weekend just gone but no, so as little Sophie wanted to watch some Charlie and Lola and Peppa Pig this morning I took the opportunity to sit and focus and finish it.

Flower completed cushion form to do yet

Finished pillow

Do you like it? I love it, it is so soft and I think will look great on a bed for instance and I really hope that the recipient will love it too. 

It is made from a wool blend felt and is just so soft. I bought some felt cushions last winter and they were acrylic and the difference in the texture is amazing. Making the cushion itself was quite a bit of work, especially as I didn't read and understand the instructions properly, cut the leaves out and then realised what I had done and had to do the cutting of all the leaves all over again. What a pain in the behind! So my review of the pattern is fiddly but once all the leaves are cut and sewn in the centre to make them look like leaves it comes together really quite quickly and is definately worth the trouble, and I cut myself on my rotary cutter which isn't good when the material you are using is white. I know dramas, dramas.

The pattern is an Amy Butler free pattern that I downloaded ages ago and even with the dramas will make again. It is called the Snow Mum Pillow pattern and can be found here along with all the other free Amy Butler patterns. Happy pattern finding.

Also along with the pillow being finished I added a little pocket to the Popover Dress that I made last week. All the comments left on the post said to add a pocket and I must admit that that is where I was leaning to aswell. So voila, one little dress for a 4 yr old with a bound pocket added. 

Again I am really liking it. So Lilia's birthday presents are all finished and ready to be posted next month. I really hope she loves this dress as much as the last one and getting some clothes is not too boring a present.

Next up is the skirt that I showed you the material for the other day and I think Olivia needs some new pyjamas as she really only has one pair that fit her so some new flannel 'jamas are on their way there. 

It really amazes me sometimes how much I enjoy creating something that looks great from a piece of flat material. I grew up seeing mum sewing and her making a lot of our clothes and at times sewing for other people from home. I never wanted to learn or was interested at all. It is funny/interesting to me now though, that 2 of my sisters and I have all started to sew since being in our 30's, and we are actually replicating what our mother did at about the same time period in her life too.

p.s. you can find me linking here, here and here. There are always lots of other fabulous things to see that others have made too.


  1. Both the cushion and the dress are gorgeous! And it's always so nice to find a fellow blogger in Australia! (I'm in Cairns)

    I would love if you came over and linked this project to my weekly Round Tuit party at:
    Have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Gorgeous pillow! Of course, it is Amy Butler. Fabulous!

  3. I sorted out your other link! Thanks for stopping by!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. I *adore* that pillow! It turned out so well. Thanks for the link to the pattern so that we can all figure out how to make our own ;)

    Stop by my blog to see how to make HEALTHY ice ice cream maker required ;)

    MJ @ MD School Mrs.

  5. Cute! Come and join our link party:

  6. I love it!!! Simple. Elegant. And now I want to go make one! :) (It looks snuggly enough to banish all the rainy weather we have been having here in Sydney for the past week!).

  7. Seaweed and Raine - yes it is very snuggly and so perfect for this cold, wet Winter we are having. Not totally practical though being white :) but sometimes we just have to have some lovely things right? It really is not a hard pattern at all and I would still consider myself a beginner so go ahead, buy some lovely soft wool blend felt and make a snow mum pillow.