Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pockets it is.

The decision has been made, pockets it is. As it is Thursday and all little ones are at school I will take some time this morning to pop a pocket or two on. To be honest I think just one will look really cute, sorry Jem, I know it is for your daughter but ... lets call it creative license :) ok. Naturally photos when finished will be shared.

I also have some gorgeous felt for a cushion but can't share any more details than that at the moment as I know the recipient reads this blog and I need to finish it and get it to her first ok. That is todays main project besides tackling the mountain of washing up, vacuming the house, washing and getting to the gym to get this body moving.

Phhhew I am worn out just reading this, maybe I should just curl up on the sofa in front of a film. Now that is a good idea.

We are having a seriously cold blast at the moment even though it is Winter, but it is really cold right now for the SE part of Australia, a massive trough is bringing Antarctic air to us and it is cold. I don't own a coat, I havn't needed one for years here, until now, yesterday whilst watching Olivia swim I was totally freezing. In the Blue mountains this morning it was -1 and there is snow already on the Snowy Mountains (I know, original name right?!) just as the ski season starts this coming weekend. Lots of people don't know that along with sun, desert, crocodiles, rainforests, coral reefs, beaches, major cities, there are also snowy places here in Winter too. That was one of the reasons that I came to Australia in the first place as a backpacker after University, was so I could see everything I had ever wanted to see all in the one place.

I just thought I would share a few photos (I can not take credit for any of the shots, all from the wonderful world wide web) to show the diversity, power and beauty of nature here in Australia. It is an amazing place.

Blue Mountains NSW
Snow season starting - Perisher June 2011
Whitehaven Beach, Qld
Rainforests - both tropical and temperate

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