Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Long Weekend and a Queens Birthday

Long weekend yay. Love them.

Queen Elizabeth is still Australia's monarch and so we get a holiday in June, the Queen's birthday long weekend, even though her birthday is in April but it is celebrated in June traditionally as the weather is better in England then. Trooping the colour happens which is such a wonderful spectacle and is such a tradition. This military ceremony dates back to the early eighteenth century or earlier, when the colours (flags) of the battalion were carried (or 'trooped') down the ranks so that they could be seen and recognised by the soldiers. During the ceremony, The Queen is greeted by a Royal salute and carries out an inspection of the troops. Her Majesty then joins other members of the Royal Family on the palace balcony for a fly-past by the Royal Air Force. If you want to know more about it then go here. After the Royal wedding there is certainly royal fever so I thought I would share a picture or 2.

However, here in Australia it is Winter, cold and usually raining so nothing different this year. Todd was really tired after his launch tour and did request that we don't do anything this weekend as he just wanted to chill out and relax. I was totally happy to oblige his wishes and when a family birthday party that was scheduled for Saturday lunch got postponed due to headlice (eeekkk don't want to go back there) we settled in and ended up having a movie marathon. We watched 3 films, Little Fockers, Morning Glory and then later in the evening when the girls were in bed we watched The Next 3 Days. 

Little Fockers was funny and a good follow on in the series. Morning Glory had me crying with laughter in one point, the poor weather man Ernie. Then, I am a huge Russell Crowe fan, I usually love his films but I was disappointed this time. 

Not in his performance, I just was thinking throughout the film of the other things that I needed to do, it just didn't hold my attention.  I wanted it to speed up a bit more in the progression of the story. Lots of people will probably love this film. 

Sunday was church and then we had friends over. The plan was to have an early dinner and then head into the city to see the Vivid Festival lights at the Opera House and Circular Quay and Campbell Cove but at 7pm we decided it was too cold, too rainy and we should stay put. The kids were having a great time and playing brilliantly together so we parents kept chatting and laughing and chatting and laughing. When Sophie came into the lounge a bit upset and we realised it was 11pm, it was time to whisk little ones home and into bed. Wow where did 7 hours go. How wonderful to have friends that you can spend 7 hours with and have fun and laugh together. 

Thankfully the girls slept in really late Monday morning and so Todd and I enjoyed the morning together without kids. The postponed family birthday lunch happened and so happy birthdays were sung and everyone had a good time. What a great relaxing long weekend. 

I hope your long weekend was a good relaxing one too.

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