Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Weekend - keeping it real, its not all sewing ...

I am quite aware that this is supposed to be a journal for me but it is also in the public domain and so some things are just not going to make it into type on here. However in the spirit of keeping things 'real' and not in the 'oh she spends her whole time sewing world' I thought I would write what our very normal weekend was like.

This weekend just flew by and when talking to mum and dad last night as it was Father's Day in the UK not here in Aus until Sept, and they asked what we had been up to I had to say not very much at all really, we didn't go anywhere, we didn't have people over for dinner, we didn't go away or anything either. So very ordinary in deed.

I had my usual Friday night craft at Katie's house and off I went with a couple of things to do, a Lazy Days Skirt for Olivia and some pyjama's also for Olivia. The skirt was coming along wonderfully then I realised that I was unsure of her waist size and so I guessed and it looks tiny and then I realised that the ribbon I had chosen to match the skirt really didn't match at all. So my lack of preparation really backfired on me and meant I couldn't get any further. So I decided to cut out the fabric for the pyjamas. Olivia had chosen. She had chosen the very colourful flowers and little bugs one and I had already popped to Target to get a long sleeve t-shirt to act as the pyjama top and will applique a shape onto the top just as I did for Lilia's. I really love my Friday night craft and chatting and laughing and getting a little work done. One minute it was half past nine then suddenly it was midnight. Such fun.

Saturday mornings now that Olivia has started to do jazz dancing lessons are a bit of a juggle especially as we were supposed to be at our church at the same time as Liv was dancing to help clean and tidy the building. So rather than one of us doing the jazz run and the other going to church to clean we decided to all do it together, I was sure we could get our cleaning assignment done in the time we have between drop off and pick up, sure enough we did, Todd did skirting boards, I did windows and any marks on the walls and Sophie even dusted pictures and then a good vacuum and the room we were allocated looked great and back to get Liv we zoomed. She wanted her friend Amelia to come and play so that was organised and Milly was with us for the day. She is such a lovely little girl and I honestly hardly heard a peep out of them except for food and drink all day. They played wonderfully and also included Sophie some of the time too.

Todd started to clean out a cupboard that has all of Olivia's colouring books and pens etc in it. He was ruthless and now it looks empty in comparison but it was so necessary, she can find the things she uses all the time and loves. So I did the same with Sophie's cupboard, old dried playdough gone, used up colouring books gone, dried out felt tip pens (textas) gone, and the cleaning went on, washing load after load, Todd ironed for ages and the kitchen got a really good clean too. What productive day. Not very exciting, but such a good day none the less. Some delicious Thai food was ordered for dinner for Todd and I and we settled into the evening. I had every intention of doing some more ironing to really get rid of it all but I sat down on the sofa and somehow I did not move again. We decided that a light film was the way to go and Todd chose this film. It was totally hilarious, I laughed and cried laughing for 2 hours, I would still be sniggering about something and then another thing would set me off. It has an MA rating here in Australia and I understand why, but gosh I havn't laughed like that in an age. 

Sunday was church and Olivia had to give a little talk in Primary. She was a bit nervous as she spoke really fast but she was clear and did it all on her own without any assistance.  I am so proud of her and she is growing up to be such a beautiful girl. I can't believe that she is nearly 8. Where has the time gone. The afternoon seemed to hold snoozes for Todd and I and the girls were happy watching a film themselves and relaxing. What a lazy day, but perhaps needed by all of us. It was finished with a quick chat with Dad and Mum to say Happy Fathers Day and see how everyone was. Gosh I miss them so much sometimes but only 5 months until they are here with us for the whole summer, I can't wait.

Monday rolls round oh so quickly some times and today was one of them. Mondayitis is well entrenched here and I have struggled big time to get anything done.

I hope your Monday has been far more productive than mine.

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