Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giveaway link

A friend of mine called Courtney has her own blog and little MadeIt shop and very kindly offered to do a free giveaway in Australia and around the world. There are some wonderful things to win very easily, you should totally go check it out. 

As I had some of the things from the craft fair that didn't sell I thought that I would add a couple of bibs to her bags. If you are here from that giveaway hello :) and welcome to my little blog about things that I make and my year so far. 

I am looking to start selling some of the things that I make, and am happy to make some custom designs for wraps/blankets, and will add names as I did for my nephew Noah earlier in the year (see below pictures), or bibs, taggy balls, or even a gorgeous elephant which work really well in flannelette, cotton or even cord. If you are interested please leave me a comment with your email address and we can sort it out. On the giveaway page Courtney mentioned that the bibs are normally $12 each. The pair that are in the giveaways were actually $12 for the pair not individually.

Just as a little reminder here are a few lovely things that I have made this year. It is quite exciting really to just sit back and see some of the things that i have made so far this year and 2011 hasn't finished yet. 

Teacher presents and a new Christmas tablecloth are still on the to do list as well as a mountain of mending, so more to do yet, plus Mum and Dad arrive in 2 sleeps. So excited. Fingers crossed that the rain stays away and we have a lovely warm dry summer - doesn't have to be boiling just consistently dry. 

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