Sunday, November 27, 2011

This Week

I am a little disapointed as to how little of mine did sell at the fair this last weekend, however, I am told that not a lot of the baby stuff did sell at all. It is a Christmas fair predominately, I guess, but I was hoping that a few people may see something that they would love for a granddaughter or son or niece or nephew. Oh well, lessons learned for next time.

This weekend we did some jobs around the house and what started out to be just a wipe down of a ceiling turned into a monster job. The lights in the kitchen have made black marks on the ceiling and I thought just a wash with some sugar soap or something like that would clean it all off. Oh how wrong I was, all it did was make a streaky mess on the ceiling that just wasn't going away. So we decided to paint the ceiling. Todd decided he wanted it done before mum and dad arrive on Thursday so yesterday was the nominated day to fix it all up.

Paint was bought, drop sheets put down and brushes and roller at the ready. 

I thought that I was reasonably good painter, with a great little cutting in tool and a roller and I can knock over a wall in just a few minutes with a good finish too. I very naively thought that doing the ceiling would be much the same. Oh how I was wrong. Trying not to get ridges on the ceiling and covering it all without patches was hard work, and I am not saying that it is a good job either by any stretch of the imagination but I was determined to finish it with 2 coats and we finally did. We finally finished at about 5pm. I knew it wasn't going to be a 2 hour job like Todd thought, but that long!

This is a reminder to myself to never offer to pain ceilings again. 

I have a long list of things that still need to be done before mum and dad come on Thursday. They are staying for 2 months and I can not wait to see them. The girls are so excited too. I'm not so sure about Todd as he looses his sofa to other people and well just not having his own space. We shall see how we go.

So the next few days will be filled with food shopping, cleaning my oven, washing, ironing, turning the spare room from a sewing room to a bedroom, cleaning the main bathroom and the usual everyday stuff that I have to do anyway. What can I say except BUSY! 

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  1. Perfect or not, you can cross the ceiling off your list. I hate painting and put it off for as long as I can.