Monday, March 4, 2013

School for little ones

Well the day came. February 6th 2013 and little Sophie started full time 'big school' as we have been calling it.

She was excited, nervous, shy and outgoing all rolled into one if that is at all possible and mummy (me) well I was happy, sad, excited for her, and unsure as to what my future looked like all rolled into one too. What a mixture of emotions :) 

Sophie got all dressed into her uniform and we dropped Liv on time came home and took some pictures and then back to school and the Kindergarten intake (Sophie's year) were to all get to school for 9.30am  and go to the big hall. There the teachers came to the front of the hall and the children in their class names were called and the kids went and stood with the teacher. Sophie got Mrs Reynolds, the teacher that she did the Best Start testing with a week ago and I was happy. She seems really nice and has a firm but lovely reputation which I think will suit Sophie down to the ground. 

So here are a couple of photos, sisters together and Sophie ready for big school. 

The kids, teachers and parents then all went to the relevant classrooms where drink bottles were put on desks, along with fruit break snacks and morning tea food. Hats put into hat bags on the back of chairs and little ones sitting in their seats with their name tags on and saying bye to Mums, Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas. She looked at me with such a don't leave me mummy look and her eyes started to well up and my heart broke a little for her. She was scared and didn't want mummy to leave. I held it together and told her I would see her later, come here to her class to pick her up and not to worry, it would just be like pre-school, lots of fun. I left her crying with the teachers aid holding her hand and walked out. 

I love big sunglasses that hide so much.

I was sad, it is the end of an era as a stay at home mummy. I am not a cleaning fanatic and don't like it and am not going to spend my days cleaning the house, however much my husband would like me to, but I havn't worked out of the home in nearly a decade, actually finding someone who will hire me and give me a part time job is another problem. I did cry a little, as I am sad that that phase of my life has ended but it is onwards that I go. New challenges and more things to do.

As one friend said to me, "well there is more time for sewing now". What a true statement. After a week or so of not much happening I have started and I am loving it. Of course I will share with you what I have been working on. Stay tuned.

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