Monday, February 25, 2013

Holidays are over

What can I say, well over due but at last picture is added and posting again.

It is a sad day in this household as the summer holidays - yes it is January but we live in Australia so Dec/Jan are when our long summer holiday are held are officially over. We love the lazy mornings, trips to the beach, pyjama days hanging out at home, swimming in the pool, hanging out with cousins and sleepovers, so we are all a little sad to have the routine back. I know that once we get going it will be fine.

Olivia started back to school today and after being exceptionally nervous and quite emotional about the prospect of going she left today seemingly quite excited and ready to see her friends, show them her knee and the damage that she did to it and start the new year. She looked so smart in her new shoes and new school skirt as the tiny size 8 that she had been squeezing herself into was no where near being done up. We bought an age 12 as it would allow for some growing room, but it is still just on her knees, she is growing so tall, but she is happiest about the fact that it isn't tight around her tummy. 

The school has all the kids go back to their classrooms from last year for these next couple of days until all classes are sorted and settled. On Friday afternoon she will find out who her Year 4 teacher is and what classroom she will have. We will see what Friday brings.

Sophie and I have one more week together as Kindergarten starts next Wednesday when the big kids all head off to the swimming carnival for the day. The end of an era for me.

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