Monday, March 11, 2013

Colour Me Happy

Wednesday was New Beginnings Eve. An evening where we celebrate all the girls that are turning 12 during the year and invite them, welcome them and inform them all about the Young Womens program and how excited we are to have them swell our numbers. Go here to find out more about church and what Young Womens is.

I put quite a bit of thought and effort into little things this year and then only took a photo of what I put in the gift bags and not one photo of the room! I am gutted, but anyway I can tell you about it at least. 

My incredibly talented friend Gell @ Design Sponge created invitations for me for the evening and thank you cards - which reminds me, I need to deliver those, and created an amazing design for me for the mutual theme this year. I had it blown up and printed onto card at the local Quick Copy shop and it looks fantastic. Seriously, go here and here to her facebook page and etsy store. Design Sponge is amazing.

So the theme for the evening I called Colour Me Happy, because the rainbow of colours that are the young womens values fill our lives with 'colour' as we live the values. Living the gospel in this way brings joy and happiness to our lives. Hence Colour Me Happy. After I sat down from doing my little introduction I realised I didn't even verbalise this thought, doh :(  The room was decorated with our Yw things that we put on our table each Sunday, the framed year theme, our chuppa chup flower which the girls get to take a lolly when they complete something PP, the completed ribbon bookmark, I got hanging lanterns in the yw value colours and hung them in clumps from the ceiling with fishing line, bright yellow gerberer flowers. It was cute. Each of the girls coming up got a gift bag with YW goodies in. I think they looked sweet and I would have been really happy with them if I was 11 nearly 12.

All the girls had a task to do, such as introducing the theme and mutual theme for the year, explaining what personal progress is, what the values are and how completing the personal progress has helped them in their lives. Also we gave the girls food assignments to bring a plate of food in a colour. It was a rainbow of colour. White coconut marshmallow pops, orange doritos and dips, rainbow cup cakes etc 

Everyone did a fantastic job, and the new girls that will be joining us soon all seemed to have a fun evening, well I hope they did anyway.

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