Saturday, January 5, 2013

Starting afresh

2013 is here with a vengance.

New Year was warm, full of laughter and fireworks, spent at Waverton with wonderful friends. 

Yesterday was my birthday. 39 years old. Wow it seems like yesterday I was 19 at University, away from home for the first time and loving life so very much, then at 22 travelling to the other side of the world and finding so much joy in Australia. Then for the last 9 years being a full time mummy and loving my girls so very very much.

As for what has been happening here to me, to us, in the last few months of last year and trying to catch up here on my blog I think the best thing to do is just move on. I can't possibly catch up and can't possibly start the year afresh if I am looking backwards - so I won't. So I hope that you my readers (if there are any of you left out there) can forgive me, forget and happily move forward with me into 2013. 

Here we go...

Having said all that I will share with you the 2 things that I did make before Christmas as gifts for Sophie's pre-school teachers, Miss Sarah and Miss Janelle. Sophie 'graduated' from pre-school and so I wanted something other than chocolates and sweets that these amazing ladies who have loved, cared for and taught Sophie so very well could enjoy. Reversible tote bags were the way to go.

Looking at my rather large stash of fabric I saw some black denim and a fantastic Prints Charming cotton that I bought at Spotlight from their range, and a plan blue cotton and a heavier cotton drill fabric from Ikea that looks almost like little brick shapes in blues/beiges/pale yellows. These four fabrics would indeed make 2 great teacher bags that are fully reversible and can be popped into the washing machine if needs be. Miss Sarah got the black bag and Miss Janelle the blue. They were so happy with them and gave me such huge hugs. I really do hope that they love them.

Using the amazing Dana @ Made tutorial I set out to make 2 fully reversible boxed corner totes. Dana's pattern is for colour blocked bags which are so cute but not for the fabrics that I had on hand so I just went with solid fabric choices. 

I do like to critique the things I make so that next time I can be better so, try cutting the fabric the right way around Samantha!

Ok that is the last looking back to last year. Now this year.

Skyfall has been seen this week, I do so love James Bond films especially Daniel Craig and the Aston Martin DB5 swoon swoon, and oh my goodness the man looks a-maz-ing in a suit.

Tonight Les Miserables! Hugh Jackman!! yes he does deserve 2 exclamation marks and out with some friends for the evening. Fun, fun. Maybe being 39 isn't so bad after all.

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