Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lack of material

A lack of material is not something that I usually deal with as my little stash keeps getting bigger and bigger and even if I make something there is always a reasonable amount of left overs to put away.

Last year Olivia had a dress that she loved that Todd had bought for her in the US. She lived in it and was so upset when we found a hole in the skirt and it could not be mended. At the time to console her I promised that I would make her one the same or at least as close to the holey one as I could. We went out together and bought some material, 1.5m infact and was pretty sure that this would be plenty.

I finally found a pattern that I like that goes up to a size 12 and is perfect! It is the brand new released pattern by oliver + s called Fairy Tale Dress and can be found here along with all the other AWESOME patterns by oliver + s. Can you tell I love their patterns? hehe. They are easy to follow, I always learn new skills, look so finished and not like 'homemade' clothes if you know what I mean. I love, love, love them.

Anyway, I bought the pdf pattern of the Fairy Tale Dress and printed the pattern out and cut and stuck it all together and pulled out the material this morning hoping to cut it out this evening when the girls were in bed. I shuffled the pieces around and no matter how I moved them they were not going to fit. If I wanted to make a dress for Sophie then it would be fine but not for Olivia. The size 10 / 12 pattern is just not going to fit on this material. For the first time I do not have enough material. 

A trip to Spotlight is therefore in need of happening so that with fingers and toes crossed they still have the same material and I can buy another metre and all will be well.

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