Friday, September 7, 2012

A few extra photos part 1

With the passing of time and not being able to catch up on everything I thought that I would share a few photos that I took of things that happened to my little family. So be prepared for some photo heavy posts.

This is the biggest cupcake I have ever seen and was it was Olivia's choice as a treat.  

Liv's eyes were definately bigger than her tummy as she managed to eat the top of this rocky road cupcake and that was it. She felt special getting such a treat even if most of it went in the bin.

The following two pictures were Sophie as she was caught for the first time on the bench top trying to get to the chocolate stash. She had climbed up herself without me knowing. 

On a lovely bright May morning Sophie and I headed to Rouse Hill town centre for something. In the town centre area they have these fountains and Sophie thought that it would be super fun to try walking through them and not getting wet. However as I have said many times before she can not help herself where water is concerned and had to touch. She had a ball and in the end travelled home in just her hoodie and damp trousers as her tshirt and vest were rather wet.

It is Melanie's birthday in May and it was decided some years ago that we don't give each other adults birthday presents in order to save some cash and lets face it we all get what we want and need most of the time anyway. I was over at Mel's house and she showed me some fabric that she had bought at Ikea and had the thought that she would turn it into a table runner for her white dining table. When the table is extended it is super long and bought table cloths and runners just are too short. I offered to hem it all and sew it for her birthday. Aren't I a nice sister in law? :) 

I just cut the fabric and then joined the 2 lengths together to make it longer, then hemmed the whole thing with about a half inch double folded hem and stitched as straightly as I could all the way around. Easy, a little time consuming when doing the folding but worth it in the end. Melanie loves it and it looks great on her table. I believe that the material was a cotton drill from Ikea.

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