Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas and what will New Year bring?

Christmas has already flown by and the count down to New Year is on. What will the new year bring? what does 2012 have instore? Wouldn't it be wonderful to know before hand?

I have had a month off from blogging and so you are all getting caught up tonight. I hope that is ok. This is post number 3 this evening.

My parents are still here and I have loved having them here the last 3 weeks or so and last night my little sister who is now nearly 20 flew into Sydney too. She is here for nearly 3 weeks and we are all hoping, praying and wishing for some better weather. Bring on the sun. More fun is to be had and just being together and bonding together.

I hope that Father Christmas was good to you and the New Year is fantastic.

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