Thursday, February 2, 2012

It has been too long

It has been too long since last I posted, and  I am sorry about that, but also can I say I am not sorry too, because I had the best time with mum and dad and my sister here. With my sewing things all put away in cupboards and boxes I had very little inkling to sew. Here are a few pics of the rest of our summer.

However, now that everyone has gone and I have recovered from the melancholy that saying goodbye to family for a time always brings to me I am ready and raring in fact to create some things. 

School and pre-school have started back with tears from both of my darling girls. One just flat out did not want to go, the other just wary and trepidatious about the move to Year 3 and will she be able to handle the work and the new stage in school.

With the return of routine, for them and for me, it means that I can get a wriggle on with some of the things that I want to achieve this year. So lists are being made and plans put in motion. 

I have a custom order for some nappy pants in varying sizes from 3-6 months upto 18mths and a very belated 2 yr old's present of a drawstring bag for his dinos and I think I am going to throw in a car caddy too because I am so late. I hope he loves them once they are done. With these in the pipeline please bear with me and I will get them finished as soon as possible to share with you.

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