Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A strange awakening

This morning we were awakened by a sentence from Olivia that we have never heard before and one that I hope I don't hear again any time soon, it was just so strange.

She said, "Mummy, Daddy, there is a sock in the toilet and I just went and now I don't know whether to flush or not." Hmm.

Naturally the responce from the barely conscious parents was, "What?! what are you talking about? a sock in the toilet?" But yes, indeed, there was a white school sock in the toilet bowl and the toilet needed to be flushed.

Todd's comment was, "Well I will leave that one up to you as I have to go to work." Cheers, thanks buddy.

The not so white school sock has been rescued from the toilet thanks to the handle of a wooden spoon, the toilet has been flushed and just for good measure the bathroom cleaned. I still have no idea as to how the sock got there and all inhabitants of this home are pleading ignorance, but for now, job done and thank goodness Olivia didn't flush the toilet and block the system. 

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